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Airbrushed To The Max

Fauxtogs… airbrushing the realistic right out of pics since the dawn of photo editing.

Freaking Fucsia

The saturation here not only hurts the eyes, it makes the subject’s look a little zombiesque.

Not A Keeper

Seriously, this is included in a fauxtog’s Gallery? Open mouth in the background, cropped off chin, nothing about this picture says “professional”.

Baby Manhattan?

So when Dr Manhattan was a child, he wasn’t blue? Or did this baby just eat a halogen lamp?

Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t be afraid, those aren’t the glowing eyes of a demon emerging from what appears to be a church, it’s just the reflection of the flash off this poor lady’s glasses. Could the fauxtog have captured her in a more unflattering way? We think not.