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The Birth of a Fauxtog

In this rare case we get to see the precise moment when this aspiring photographer was unfortunately transformed into a fauxtographer. They did what their client requested, the client no doubt loved it and a fauxtog was born. Selective coloring and foggy faces ensued.

Fauxtog on Fire

Well, if his photos are twice as good as his graphic design work… wait never mind, they would still be awful.

Country Girl

That’s not where a hat goes?

Disembodied Baby Arm

Why did they have to make it appear like Thing’s slightly more endowed twin is holding up this baby in what appears to be a rather uncomfortable fashion?  Perhaps they were trying to make it look like a scene from Addams Family Values?

The Corpse Bridal Party

Its really awesome how the selective coloring in this beautiful wedding pic makes everyone look dead!