Garbage Flag

Not only does the flag look like it’s a piece of garbage caught in the tree, but the kid’s eyes are closed. We’ll just start there.


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  1. he’s got a serious case of the derps.

  2. Is this like a southern redneck pride photo taken with a walmart disposable? lol I’ll never get why people still try to flaunt the confederate flag like it means something still.

  3. The WHOLE picture has a serious case of the derps….LOL

  4. Not only does the flag look like it’s a piece of garbage caught in the tree, but it is.

  5. Now that’s classy.

  6. My screen only shows so much at once. As I scrolled down, it just got worse. The bottom of the photo is such an ugly brown! (I decided to pick on something other than the hideous flag)

  7. Wow…besides how terribe the flag looks…he looks like she’s holding I’m up. Terrible…even if it was a disposable camera…id ditch this pic!

  8. Where the hell are they standing? A mud run?

    • Right? If you cut it just above their feet, it’s this lovely forest with a creek behind them.

  9. I hope this is an engagement photo. I can’t wait to see the wedding shots.

  10. not even worth a comment.

  11. Anonymous

    Seeing a bad trend starting to develop on here with people focusing more on insulting the people who took the pic or the subjects themselves rather than critiquing the picture composition and flaws. Being rude and insulting does not make you a better photographer, just makes you look like a jerk.

  12. Gourmetguy

    I don’t see a watermark or anything that tells me this is a fauxtog.
    Are you sure this is supposed pro stuff posted here?

  13. I think a good starting point for improving this photo next time would be to first narrow the depth of field. Pull the subjects out a little more and clean up the composition. You will still be able to see the greenery and stream in the back. Think less is more. Remove uneeded elements like the dead tree and flag. To have the flag in there is cool and all, but there is a time and place for that shot. If the flag is so important, set up a shot where the flag is behind them and soft focused. This way they are still the subject and the red will not over power them and instead act as a sort of backdrop. Hope this helps.

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t even see the stream until you mentioned it and I went back to look. Photo isn’t very pleasing to the eye. I’m hoping she pushed him over that edge in front of them right after the shot was taken. If he was trying to show the flag with respect, he should have put it on a pole, not stuck on a bush like some plastic bag blown there.

  14. Does not look like the South will be rising again any time soon.

  15. The guy’s girlfriend/sister at least has a nice body.

  16. I always like to take my clients out to the swamp for photos. It’s very in.

  17. ‘MERICA!

  18. love the flag, always have – because of the dukes of hazzard — don’t put it in a tree. love the gf/sister comment – ha!

  19. Brittany

    This photo had the potential to be a great shot, however, the flag draws focus away from the couple. But yet, I wonder how the rest of the photos turned out. In truth, it seems we only ever see the worst shots taken by fauxtogs.

    • Why do they post their bad shots for public scrutiny? I’m a student (ie quite a number of my shots don’t turn out as well as I want) and anything that isn’t up to par gets tossed. Immediately. I get a pang of regret, but it’s part of the learning process- both messing up and learning what is good and what is only good in my eyes.

  20. okay, so im not the only one who noticed the confederate flag. thought my pcp finally kicked in.

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