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  1. It’s already a bad sign when you’ve got the name of a consumer grade camera in your professional photography business….

  2. This girl has been in several of my photography classes and it just KILLS ME that she thinks she’s doing anything at all right! Have fun & please put her on blast.

    • Its easy to point fingers at people, Jennica. Have you looked at your site and pictures? 5 years youve been photographing??? Yikes!

      Also, you were supposed to submit directly thru the email listed above.

      • I think you missed the whole “comment and submit” thing there Robert…Jennica posted the link to the girl she was talking about when she left the comment, not HER OWN website…

    • Your website gave me diarrhea of the eyes.

    • ok that was absolutely horrible…

  3. This website is all messed up lately… It won’t let me submit anything, comments are harder to get to and those auto link things are everywhere. MESS.

  4. Anonymous

    • Give an example of what is wrong with the photos?

      • Eric, Dont know about the photos, im no expert LOL but the “Fantasy Photography” photoshopping is kinda scary…

      • Anonymous

        How about the fact that this person clearly shot porn for a living before moving into mainstream photography?

      • AdrianaVega

        tears have been shed. for the terribly photoshopped images in the fanstasy section. and your lack of ability to see why they are terrible

      • Seriously?

  5. Don’t you hate it when “photographers” take “artsy’ photos and throw their watermark all over it?

    • Anonymous

      The only thing worse than her “artsy” photo’s, are her self portraits. Jesus.

      • Anonymous

        Yes yes. QUIT taking pictures of yourself you are not a artist you are conceited

    • Meowcate

      Nope. It’s a way to increase their reputation, if at least they took the pic.

    • AdrianaVega

      the images of the guy in pink arent too bad imo, and the image of the b&w bench or chairs whatever they are isnt bad either, and the one with the tiny doggie looking out the window isnt either

      but again this is al my opinion

    • Anonymous

      How are you going to call yourself a photographer?! This is just awful

    • Anonymous

      “thanks for likeing my page please SHARE with friends and family . msg me if you are interested in any of my sessions πŸ™‚ LISCENSED business . FAMILY owned we will make sure you get the best prints for the best price .” <– what is she licensed in???? lol

      • hahahahahaha she posted a picture of her license! She paid a whopping $16 to be a PROFESSIONAL πŸ˜‰ What a douche!

      • Anonymous

        “seems legit…” lol

      • Anonymous

        Also, her grammar is horrible.

      • i hate this shit. its enough to make me want to throw my camera in molten lava and never take a photo again.

      • Wow Kelly – that WIX site is attrocious… and $1500 for a wedding package?! Are you kidding me… I’d like to actually see my family’s faces in my wedding pictures not grainy, blurry out of focus and weirdly coloured… πŸ™

      • Wow Kelly – that WIX site is attrocious… and $1500 for a wedding package?! Are you kidding me… I’d like to actually see my family’s faces in my wedding pictures not grainy, blurry out of focus and weirdly coloured… πŸ™

  6. look up Ami Bradstreet Photography on facebook….. soooo bad

    • Why does she cut off the sides of heads?

      • Click my name – If you’re getting family photos done, you’d think you’d wear a less ‘whore-ish’ shirt… if her kid wasn’t directly in front of her, her tits would be hanging out all over the place – that’s the type of client that hires these idiot fauxtogs!

  7. New world zombie?

  8. Ok, this is not my personal site, but the site of a person I found on facebook….. she calls herself a professional… really, just take a look… it kills me… it honestly does… she charges $500 for a wedding… a wedding!!! The girl can barely run a camera!!!

    • anonymous

      she “likes” everyone of her status’ that NOBODY commented on… oh boy

    • Stephanie

      I also love how all of her plural words are separated by a possessive apostrophe. “portrait’s”, etc.
      She lives so close to me too, yikes!

  9. Found this odd cragslist ad…

  10. …this young lady posted on Friday that she had just bought a Canon RebelT3i. Then on Sunday she started a Facebook page for her photography business. She is already getting lots of compliments.

  11. kinda irks me that i know she uses just a pas camera and does horrid edits and wants to charge so much for pictures she will just print at walmart

    she has also jumped on the bandwagon that alot of other moms do and has a bow making business, tutu maker, and modeling site as well (puke)

  12. I do believe intentionally misspelling words in one’s business name is a clear sign of a fauxtographer. No surprise when looking at the “portfolio.”

  13. Apparently taking a photo and making it b&w makes you a professional.

  14. Please check out my photography page- no, I do not claim myself as a professional, but it is something I enjoy. I always welcome constructive criticism! Please take a look πŸ™‚

  15. I don’t even know what to say

  16. I think I threw up a bit when I saw this one

    • That should be on awkward family photos. That’s terrible!

      • Bahahahaha!!! That…is so bad

      • Rachel – your name links to a page for Kate David Photography – her stuff looks pretty good to me – were you linking to it because you thought it was terrible?

      • Anonymous

        Rachel’s link was to her own photography, Katie David.

  17. I wonder how much one has to pay to have wedding photos taken from the guests perspective!

    • OH MY GOD those have got to be some of the WORST wedding pics i have seen!!!!

    • They are out of focus!

    • Why on earth is the “Photographer” in a chair taking pictures of the wedding? shouldn’t they be standing somewhere with a tripod getting the best angle?? I hope that they were related and the pictures were given for free…

    • only okay picture of the 1st wedding was of a cake…

  18. Is anyone else disturbed by this or is it just me?


  20. I hate this girl’s photography with a PASSION!

    • I don’t think it’s awful, I’ve seen much worse, I just hate her huge watermark and the way she edits them.

    • She looks like she doesn’t edit at all!
      In saying that a few looked liked she’d increase the saturation of the oranges to bring out the colours in the leaves, but made all the people look like they’d got fake tans for the wedding!

  21. Not my own.

  22. Not my work, just makes me lul.

  23. What do you think? No degree, but they think they are good.

  24. I think I do good work!

  25. Can bad photography be considered a form of child abuse?
    Also, how many times can one person misuse an apostrophe?

  26. Disembodied arm holding a purple baby….

    check out the WHOLE DAMN PAGE!

  27. I don’t care how big your lenses are, how many thousands you’ve spent in gear, how much education you aquire, or how long your family has been in business. If you don’t have an eye for it, if you can’t see and capture emotion, if you can’t make an unfortunate looking person look better, if you can’t act dumb enough to make a stiff as a board subject relax into a natural looking pose, your work will be mediocre at best. I’ve seen incredible shots from a point and shoot and garbage from a Nikon d700. I’ve seen stunning, heart wrenching photos shot on auto. Bottom line? You either have the gift or you don’t, and everyone has the right to try it out and see.

    • Of course everyone has the right to try it – I don’t think anyone is saying people don’t.

      You can learn a ton about photography by getting together with others and critiquing each other’s work. Joining a photography community online. Taking a class or at least buying some books to learn about composing and framing a shot.

      That’s fantastic and exactly what helps someone get into and better at photography. However, getting a camera and starting to charge people money for taking bad snapshots makes you a fauxtographer. Regardless of how much you’ve spent on your camera.

      • I am by far not the best photographer but I learned a lot from people telling me what I was doing wrong and what looked like crap. I still have a ways to go- but luckily I had advanced photographers in my life that let me know what was not working in my favor. Even made me to decide to go back to school to learn photography. Start this semester.

    • I use a P&S. A Nikon coolpix p100 and it takes great shots. I’ve barely been taking pictures for a year, I hardly consider myself a professional and I don’t think I could ever charge someone, but it’s a hobby and I enjoy and if that makes me a shitty “fauxtog” then so be it.

  28. out of focus & spot color

  29. Yikes! Is this what we want to see from a future president?

  30. Gotta be taken with a camera phone. I mean shit, half of the photos aren’t even in focus

  31. This is some of my photography im more into film but i decided to give photography a try let me know what you think

    • Some are good, some not as much… I would maybe look into some classes to teach you more about the camera, practice practice practice and don’t charge anyone money until you’re confident that they are pictures you yourself would be willing to pay for. Goodluck – it takes time but if you put your all into it, you could take some great photos

  32. Harry Reese

    Pro photographer I’m Not.. Have made only 40 bucks sine I started… putting me 10’s of tousands in the hole. Passion’s all I have.. What A Curse this art can be….

  33. I like this
    What do you guys think?

  34. Would you pay for that? I wouldnt

  35. Check out the Cox Family.

  36. Holy Textures Batman!!

    • Did you see what she said on the photo?

      Brenda Parks Photography It was an overlay I used on Photoshop. I am always doing something different with my pictures. lol

      • Incredulous

        I really wish people would understand that you don’t use textures over people’s faces unless you REALLY know what you’re doing. It just makes them look dirty. UGH!

      • She took the comment off the picture regarding the textures.

        However from the above link, she keeps on going with photoshop!

  37. Why do people believe that when they own an expensive camera they are a photographer. I found this one through a friend and had to laugh due to everyone of the pictures being over edited. I believe their over edited to make them “look professional” and cover up her flaws.

    • They aren’t even bad. I’ve seen much much worse. A few I, personally, feel like they were a tad over edited, but it could be worse.

    • just a pic of the fotog you posted… that’s so scary! she said in the original picture that she bought the prop and just put the baby inside!!! i smell a lawsuit in the near future…

  38. I hope this photographer has liability insurance.

  39. I couldn’t tell who that was in that photo!

  40. Look at the rest of the photos – is this place for real?

  41. PLEASE, please expose this fauxtographer. Her maternity pictures are the worst. I’m not a photographer, but even I know that this is cringe-worthy.

  42. another great fauxtog!

  43. Yay! Let’s photoshop 10 crappy random pictures of my kids together and then advertise as a photographer! I use my kids as models all the time but seriously this just sucks!

  44. yay lets photoshop 10 crappy pictures of my kids together and then advertise as a professional with a college degree, are you for real!

  45. To easy to find these people

  46. She surrounds herself with people who praise her all the time and if you dare give her any constructive criticism, she goes BALLISTIC. She keeps bugging me to let her do pictures for me, but I just can’t bring myself to let her make me look like crap. I keep hoping she finds a new hobby, because that’s all it should be for her, but she swears she’s a professional. (She used to work at a “just hit the button” portrait studio.)

    • I love that she has a post on her page where people are asking her for tips on how to take pictures of different things like the moon or people moving and she’s giving advice like she knows what she’s talking about… lol

    • She deleted my comments…lol….

      • You were commenting? What did you say?

      • I offered a tip…to turn off her flash…and not charge people…. πŸ˜‰

      • hahahaha youre awesome

      • You weren’t the only person to comment about her lack of talent. (Link is in my name on this post.) Got to love that the new Timeline for Pages makes these things more visible now. What a professional response! And she just posted that her studio is getting a makeover. Awesome, now she’ll just have a different looking place to take crappy photos with Dollar Store props. That’s a lot of work/money to spend if you’re not charging people! Idiot.

  47. You can try and emulate good photography, but here’s a wonderful example of when there’s no natural talent in composition, timing or the dynamics of a good relationship with your subject. Please go away!

  48. I made my appointment right away! πŸ˜‰

  49. I signed up right away for a session! πŸ˜‰

  50. evil santa xmas photog using kit lens…

  51. I think I’m doing this right… I posted the website of some tool on facebook so I assume if you click my name it will take you there. It’s Katherine Deanne Photography* – I was forced to “LIKE” her page to enter a contest (you had to like the page of every ‘vendor’ in order to be eligible to win anything, it was ridiculous) so anyway, that’s how I stumbled across her. Her photos are terrible and when I commented on her page to ask her if she had any actual training or schooling etc or what camera she used, she told me she wasn’t aware that you needed training to be a photographer, that she knows her pics are not great, she never said they were but she loves doing it and people pay her so obviously they like them. UGH! The bad part is, her photos are crap but people comment on them and say they are awesome, therefore fuelling her need to keep charging people and taking terrible photos.

    • Shudder……….

      • She posted right on her own wall a bunch of stuff and then took it all down like 10 minutes later. She posted the definition of a photographer from like or some crap – then posted a whole giant blurb about how she doesn’t claim to be perfect, she never said her pictures were great etc etc a whole bunch of crap – and then she had a bunch of people tell her how amazing she was and to ignore jerks like me who try to knock her down LOL!! That’s the biggest prob with fautogs, is their frigging support group of blind idiots who only like their photos because they can’t afford to pay to see what a REAL photo session should look like – they just see that they got 200 photos on a cd for $30

      • I Can't Tell My Friend She's a Fauxtog

        Sounds just like my friend. It kills me. I know everyone doesn’t truly understand what makes something GOOD photography, but come on. Out of focus is out of focus, that should be universal.

      • Eh, at least she admits she’s not great. That’s a big step.

      • yeah but it’s sad when she admits it, yet keeps charging money for it… maybe it’s because I have a conscience but there’s no way I would be able to charge people $40 for a photo session and give them crap like she gives people, spot coloured and blurred out, people with their eyes closed! Really?! lol yes eyes closed

  52. I just…yeah….

  53. YES! Armpits!

  54. My cousin is a legit photographer and did my wife and I a solid by giving us a free photoshoot. She is a legit photographer who uses blocking, natural light, filters, etc. Perhaps when I get home, I’ll post up a link of her stuff.

    Maybe you should host a sister site,

  55. A website I found when I was abroad, his wedding edits consist of blowing out most of the pictures and high dynamic range.

    And he likes to ensure the exposure is spot on.

    • most of his pics aren’t that bad – compared to other fauxtog posts, he is pretty good…

      • Janet H.

        I agree. He’s got a decent eye for composition but would be better by honing his technical skills and be so heavy-handed at editing.

  56. If you saw my friend Tabitha in real life and then looked at the pics he took of her, you’d not even recognize them as being one in the same person. She’s got a natural beauty and the fauxtog ruined her classicly beautiful face.

  57. GOOD GOD! Poor baby…. These will come back to haunt her when she starts dating I’m sure – if mom was trashy enough to let some tool take maternity and baby photos of her like that, she’ll certainly be trashy enough to show it off to her 13 year old daughter’s boyfriend when he comes courting… ugh

  58. I want to cry everytime I see her page.

    • Wow that’s terrible… and her “maternity” album is ridiculous and of course you can tell she has really classy clientΓ¨le when the pregnant one comments on her own photo about how fat she is… uhhh f***ing idiot – you’re PREGNANT! I hate stupid people

  59. This page… I am telling you, tops allllll of those. I am a photographer and the fact that this person even claims to be in the same profession makes me want to change careers. is the enabler…..

    • Incredulous

      “Hi yall. I am a local photographer just getting started. I love taking pictures and finding that perfect moment. I edit if you would like me to. Please feel free to contact me. The only time I am available is weekends.”

      If her high contrast crap is how she edits, NO THANK YOU. Just getting started = never picked up a camera before, obviously. Ugh.

    • I know her………..

      • Incredulous

        And she’s using pictures she didn’t even take as an example of her work! Awesome. Sorry she made your picture so hideous. Tell her to step away from picnik.

      • Yeah, those weren’t even “formal photography” pictures I took for that… It was a birthday party…

      • I like her comment about what kind of camera she uses…”nikon something”. and good for you Nikki for calling her out on using a pic she didn’t take.

      • I mean for real- use atleast a good one. LOL

  60. You just only visit the “pictures”

  61. A heart for the baby bump and a heart for her vagina – cuz you know that’s how the baby got in there in the first place…
    WTF kind of photo edit is that?!?!

    • Incredulous

      What in the holy hell? It’s quite obvious they mirrored the photo at the bottom but WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! That’s horrible. “The baby is here and will be coming out… here.”

    • OH.MA.GAW……

      • hahaha that summed it up well guys! Epic photoshop fail eh

    • Jessica Driver Photography

      Dont think that because my prints are low priced my quality is any lower. we just know how you feel about paying 300.00 for pictures and wanna help you out πŸ™‚ if your not satisfied with the prints You dont have to pay for them :)”

      I really don’t think that is the issue hon….

      • bahahaha! click my name to see her REAL website… good lord!

      • haha this is hillarius!

      • You know all of you comment on other peoples pictures whats the address to your photography page?

      • yeah your not the only person who looks at this website πŸ™‚ have a nice fucking day πŸ™‚

      • lololololol
        It’s always “well you’re not so great”
        Just accept that you are a fauxtog and should just take some time to learn a little more.

      • Incredulous

        That’s professionalism at its best! Nice way to represent yourself!

        Listen, you made a crappy picture. IT LOOK LIKE SHE HAD HANDSON HER CROTCH. If you couldn’t see that before you posted it up on Facebook, that’s just the beginning of your problems.

      • I don’t have a website because I know I’m not good enough YET to be making people pay money for my photos… however, the crap I DELETE from my camera is the stuff you seem to be charging money for… awesome!

      • I cant even see the pic you guys are talking about…. it’s different if you actually helped the Photographer you were talking about. I admit im not the best but , it takes time to learn these things and im TRYING … I take advice other photographers give me and work with it. but, to FLAT call someone out is wrong. I would most def. like to see some of your photos so I can see what IM doing sooo wrong.

      • What you’re doing wrong is charging people money when you clearly have a lot left to learn about photography… if you are still ‘learning’ then you should not be running a business and expecting people to pay – it’s one thing to photograph friends and family it’s another to start a business when you have no clue how to properly work your camera or edit photos… πŸ™

      • what i do with my business and in my life is my business bc lord knows im not a famous . but , my photo’s are not half as bad as some of the other ppls on here. im learning and ill tell my customers im learning. but if they are willing to pay me its them and their own…. and btw if I was to do photo sessions and the gov find out I didn’t have a liscense they would charge me a bunch of fee’s and im not willing to deal with that. say what you will about my photography but, i havn’t seen you put yours up here yet . you can dish it but can you handle what you are dishing? and what makes you so much better than me?

      • I don’t have a photography page to link to, like I said before I didn’t go out and start a ‘business’ because I don’t feel I’m good enough to charge people money yet so rather than start up a business and be a fautog, I’d rather wait until I’m done learning how to properly take pictures how to properly use my camera NOT on auto and how to properly edit them. But you’re right if people are dumb enough to pay you that’s their problem

      • add me to FB you can see im getting better im improving which hopefully is a good thing …. I wouldn’t have gotten mad about this whole website if people where not so mean on here . being mean to someone isn’t the way to get them to stop taking bad pictures or editing them wrong some people dont have mommy and daddys money to pay for college to get their degree in photography . Im self taught with the help of some other photographers that are professionals I know that are great at what they do… atleast IM willing to learn and change my ways I just wanna take great pictures and make people happy… I dont take pictures because im money hungry . I do it because I love doing it .

      • WHOA WHOA WHOA… Mommy and Daddy’s money, hon… No… I am putting myself through school…. I sacrificed to get to go. Mommy and Daddy was not involved. And that’s no excuse. There is internet to teach you. You have to develop the “eye” on what looks good and what doesn’t. Luckily when I first started out I did have people telling me, no babe that looks like shit. That’s how I got better. At first it hurt my feelings but after a while I realized they were right and I just learned how to take the criticism as a positive thing. The problem with facebook and all your friends and family is that they are ALWAYS going to tell you that stuff looks good. There are steps to becoming better…

        When you realize vignetting is not nearly as hot as you think it is…

        You don’t over contrast and selective color- unless it is just SOOO called for that the Gods themselves called your house and said- you know- I think this is the one. And even then- don’t over contrast it, they will smite thee.

        Another way to know you’re getting better is that every picture you’ve taken so far you hate. Except for maybe one or two.

        When you do a shoot- there should only be one picture that speaks to you and says I am the chosen one to stay in your port. This is where the facebook problem comes in (and I know I have one) A family does not only want one picture up.

        And when you’re offended that they only want $40 for a shoot- you’ll know you’re getting better. You’re time(editing and taking) and skill should be worth more than 2 measly twenties… Hell that’s the gas to go to the shoot.

        With that being said- go through each picture in your port and pick it apart. Find out what you’re doing wrong and what you can do to fix it.

      • Dawnie

        And yes, your work is absolutely just as crappy as the crappiest crap that is on this page. In fact, look a bit further up and you will find another link to your page. You need to take some lessons, or seriously just stop.

      • I love learning as much as anyone else so if anyone on here wants to add me HELP me get better if you see me doing something wrong with my pictures LET ME KNOW on pm…. oh and I shoot almost all of my pictures on manual I don’t like auto either. and I used to use picnik.. but I grew to hate it once I got a proper program. it’s still new to me but, hey atleast Im willing to learn.

      • My BlogSpot

      • One thing I’d recommend then, stop with the spot colour… having a black and white photo and then having a while person in colour just looks terrible. You can take that advice or leave it but in my opinion spot colour is horrendous like that…

      • *whole

      • You need to learn to use your camera. You take a photo, then you mess with it as much as you can. Your aim should be to not have to do ANY editing once you are finished. This will not actually be possible in most cases, generally even the best will need to do some minor adjustments in color/contrast, but that should be what you aim for.

        You also need to take the time to learn something about lighting, and turn off your flash. Seriously, flashes are hideous.

        Learn how to properly turn a photo to black and white so you aren’t left with a photo that is just full of icky grey.

        And just stop with the spot color. Seriously. It sucks.

      • HAHAHAHAHA My photographer friends and i promped that cause we asked her why she was saying she wasnt a professional, but still charging people for photos LMAO

      • When did you do that? @JD you know it’s funny I havn’t seen any msgs from you or your friends . so drop it .

      • There is NO friggin way you took that picture of the moon on your page! Judging by the fact that it barely looks like you can take a proper pic of a child I don’t believe you can get a shot like that of the moon at all!

      • I did I take pictures like that all of the time πŸ™‚ I have it on my camera still on a memory card if you would like to come over and let me give YOU some lessons on how to take a picture of a moon… haha! It’s called practice I have been practicing alot..

      • I am really flattered that you would say that though makes me feel good! I love taking pictures of lightening too Ill post a pic of a lightening shot I got about 2 months ago so you can tell everyone about that one too!

      • Wow that is ‘talent’ then – your pictures of people are terrible but you can get a shot of the moon like you have a 400x zoom πŸ˜‰ good job!

      • It’s really not all that hard to take a photo of the moon and even entry level DSLRs can do it. However, lighting and composition are another thing, as are grammar, spelling and punctuation. Keep learning in all those areas and you’ll eventually get to the point of having a portfolio you can actually be proud of that you can show to clients other than family and friends.

      • Jessica Driver

        Thats what im doing . Thanks for the advice

  62. Just found this site- even came across someone I know, which kind of scared me… lol.. So I want to have some honest feedback on my pictures. I start school next semester… And having been working toward getting better. But I’m no where near pro status.

    • if you are nowhere near pro then why do you charge people these pictures are gross πŸ™‚

      • She asked for feedback not rudeness. How do you know she charges people money? I dont see anywhere on there that says that…

      • click my name

      • Yeah, that website is 3 years old buddy.

      • How about dissecting my newer photos, with less smart assery…. That would be nice. But I do feel quite special that you took time out of your apparently busy life to research me. Flattered. I do know that I can help you with grammar.

  63. Hay, this fhotographer is good. She doesn’t have many liks tho?

    • some are ok, some not so much…
      she charges $200 flat rate for a session (1.5-2.5 hours with only 15-20 pictures on a cd…) for pictures that I don’t find to be very good she should not be charging that much! I don’t think I’d pay anyone $200 for 15-20 pictures, she’s not worth $100 an hour!

    • I think the prices are too high, maybe lowered a bit and it might be considerable. She’s progressed a little… but has a bit to go. As Erin said… not many photos for that price!

  64. WTF is wrong with them. They think this looks good?

  65. ….Learn to use something other than Picnik….and Actually create the effects you want WITH your camera. f**K!

    • Incredulous

      “Photographer for seven years with two years of professional studio experience”

      Meaning “I’ve held a camera and learned how to push a button.”

  66. this isn’t me….I personally think I’m better than this…and I don’t charge. Stupid cow.

    • They’re not bad. Especially considering the other pics that are on this site.

    • Those pictures are not even close to some of the crap we’ve seen on here… not sure what the complaint is. I do think she’s a tad overpriced because they’re not amazing photos like many others take that would charge that much but the shots I quickly looked through don’t suck


    • Other than the watermark? Those pics are not awful……

    • I think the point of this site is to show terrible photos, not people who use large watermarks so others won’t steal their work… her pictures aren’t that great but if all you’re pointing out is her watermark then that’s just pointless!

      • I agree, I believe the point of this site is being quickly lost.

      • I don’t think they’re good at all and her huge watermark ruins it and takes away from the shots that might be good. Watermarks have to do with photography and they can ruin a photo. It might not be awful spot color or other “creative” things that I have seen on here, but it take a lot away from the photographs when you have an atrocious watermark.

      • Anonymous

        you can still steal work with a watermark on it. i think they’re pointless.

  68. Some of them are just….wow…..ugh.

    • His info says
      “Don’t take me too seriously. I do this for fun. I don’t consider myself a “professional,” it’s just a hobby.
      I started doing this around April 2011. :)”
      So I hope that means he doesn’t charge money for anything…

  69. This guy apparently said he’s forgotten more about photography than I know. I would tend to agree…

    • I dont see anything that says he’s a professional photographer or that he charges money for his photos – that’s his personal facebook profile not a ‘business’ page… his pics aren’t that terrible
      On a side note – your name is hilarious lol!

      • Emmm, you did see the photo that has the same cloud in it three times?! The same one where’s he’s cloned the brides nose off?! As an actual, professional wedding photographer, I’m gonna stand my ground and say they are utterly shocking!

        It is a personal page, as it would seem that recently he’s removed his business page on FB and his website, however if you look in other wedding galleries, he states himself as a photographer and provides contact details, so I’m satisfied it suggests he’s professional.

        Also, sorry, I didnt mean to hijack this post. I thought I was starting a new one.

      • It looks like you did start a new post, no hi-jacking. And hahaha sorry I just noticed the clouds now that you pointed it out… yeah that’s just stupid! So is the spot colour on the horse carriage… I hope he’s not charging money for crappy edits like that. If you took out the crappy edits, some of the shots aren’t overly terrible but they’re not great by any means – and definitely not shots I’d want of my own wedding

      • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Thats hideous!!!

  70. and well just look at the photos.. it explains it all.

  71. I am constantly seeing this woman post on my newsfeed. and she is having a big boohoo because PICNiK IS CLOSING DOWN PEOPLE!!!!! it is the end of the world for fauxtogs everywhere!!!! but nevermind.. photobucket still has built in photo editing and sadly so do millions of other sites.. will this ever end.

    the sad thing is i am a hobbyist photographer. i will never claim my photography as professional as i do not ever see my work as good enough to be at that level. i occasionally get a paying client but i usually do it all for fun. but this woman here along with a few other fauxtogs in the area were following my page contacting people that were interested in doing shoots with me offering them cheaper deals. and sadly they all fell for it.

  72. Not saying the shots on this site are even close to good, but I’d like to see some work from the website owner to see why he/she thinks she has the right to create a website that mocks the work of others.

    • where’s the link to your photography business if you want to point fingers?

      • Where’s yours, Erin? I don’t see RG blasting people on a website that they made..soo…..

      • I’m not a photographer OR a fauxtographer for that matter, so I dont have one, I come on here to laugh at the uselessness that is abundant and I love this site!

  73. Well, after reading some of these, I can see malicious comments at their very best. Perhaps some of you should point us to your photos so that we can see what you consider God’s gift to photography and learn to accept the same derogatory statements you seem to be quite liberal in giving out! You know who you are. Enough said…

    • If you don’t like the comments then leave the site – no one wants to hear your whining

      • I knew it would be you that would be the first to respond. Congrats on showcasing your ego and arrogance. You’ve proven my point and any further response from you or anyone else is not worth the time and effort. The challenge to show what makes an outstanding photograph remains the same. Are you or any of the other contributors up for it?

      • haha I’m not a photographer in ‘business’ because I have enough brains to know that I’m not ready yet to charge people money like the idiots that are showcased here – I don’t understand why you’re even on a site whose main goal is to point out useless fautogs and the crap that they peddle to people when all you want to do is complain? And LOL I agree with vomit – get a tissue and get off the site

    • Tissue? Crybaby.

    • I agree. Everyone on here acts like they’re the King/Queen of photography. Lets see your work in some magazine’s, eh? No? It’s not there? Oh, but people pay $1,000 for pictures by you? That doesn’t mean you’re good. That just means they’re stupid. No one on here is a photography God and yet they all seem to act like it, what gives anyone on here the right to make fun of other people’s work? I’m talking specifically the things I see in this section. “oh so-and-so is awful, this is just terrible, what a horrible watermark” blah blah blah. No one said you had to get pictures done by that person. Yes, sometimes things get a little annoying, but your skills aren’t going to go through the roof because you’re picking on someone else’s “lack” of skills. and please, if you insist on talking smack about someone else’s work make sure you have your portfolio attached.

      • Anonymous

        my issue with these fauxtographers, is that they are charging people, and charging them way less than a photographer who has put time and effort into becoming a good professional would charge. Then those who have studied, or put that time and effort into learning the techniques lose out on business, and work they could have. I, myself, just lost a job to a “family member who is interested in starting a photography business.” It is frustrating.

      • “Fauxtographers” are awful, yes, but USUALLY you get what you pay for. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people (as long as they have decent photography skills) charging, whether it’s $30 or $500. I, personally, don’t care how experienced you are, if I think your prices are expensive then I’m not going to hire you. I’d rather give someone the experience that they’re needing than to pay big money to people that already has experience. You have to start somewhere.
        Now, it is totally different if you’re new and you’re charging what true photographers are charging. Don’t get me started on that…

      • Anonymous

        my boyfriend has had his photography published in magazines and numerous big company adverts and he loves a giggle at the atrocious ‘businesses’ that are often featured here and the horrendous photos they peddle.

  74. OMFG you have GOT to be kidding me. There’s no way this is serious!

  75. One down, many more to go!

    • hahaha well at least they can admit it and move along instead of opening a facebook business πŸ˜‰

  76. So, by your T&Cs, this website shouldn’t even exist…..

  77. Check out “Creations by Leah” on facebook. Some of her editing is shocking. More so her older work, look at photo album “Jodies Angels :P” Also see album “Trial Run for BUBBLES & BALLOONS Session”

  78. Is it just me, or could this fauxtog have picked a more flattering angle to photograph this cute pooch?

    • Not a big fan of the poophole shot? πŸ˜‰ lol
      The collages are hideous too…

  79. Went to a meeting with a potential client about 2 weeks ago. Here is what she sent us:

    “I apologize for not getting back with you sooner. We very much appreciated you meeting with us and we enjoyed your work. We found out one of our family members is trying to start a wedding photography business and have decided to give them our business to help them out. Again I am really sorry that I am just now getting back with you, I hope you are able to fill the date. Thanks again for meeting with us. Good luck in your business!”

    Well….I say to them….best of luck with that.

    • Hey, everyone is trying to save money. They’re already laying out tons of money for a wedding. They might’ve thought your prices were too expensive….why pay when you can have someone do it for cheap/free? Sure, you won’t get as good of pictures, but maybe they don’t care about that and would rather just have the moment captured with a good camera. Just because someone is “new” to photography doesn’t mean they’re awful. You have more experience so you’re probably the better choice, but they’re helping a family member out with the experience and they’re getting a little something out of it.

  80. I don’t know what this girl thinks when she points her camera at things….

    • Her stuff isn’t terrible… it’s better than spot coloured out of focus pictures of brides and baby bumps haha! She isn’t likely charging anyone money for her pictures at least since it’s mostly random nature and fence posts πŸ˜‰

      • It’s boring. Oh lets just take pictures of barbed wire. There’s nothing talented about that. A 12 year old could take better pictures. I’m waiting for the day she starts charging to photograph people. It only took her a couple of days after getting a dslr to make a photography page, charging is the next step.

      • It’s boring to you, but some people like pictures of random things and nature. But yes, once she starts charging, then that’s a whole new issue and I hope for her sake she doesn’t. She’s not good enough to charge money but she’s not terrible

  81. seriously?!?

  82. This guy is every single definition of ‘Guy With Camera’ and THEN some. His prices are RIDICULOUS. I modeled for him when I was newly 18, barely starting, and after I realized that he was using a 10+ year old camera, NO lighting except his kitchen light, and REFUSED to allow his models to have ANY escorts that something was horribly wrong. If you are in the Phoenix area, PLEASE avoid this man at all costs. SO creepy!! I want so badly to submit his ‘art’ to this site but as merely the model I’m afraid I don’t have the right to submit his work. Best part? He’s convinced he’s a professional. He doesn’t NEED fancy stuff..period!! /eyeroll

  83. Oh my God, what is wrong with her lips?


  85. Wow….. found this on craiglist.

  86. Wow…..found this on craiglist.

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Thank you so much for the laugh!!! I’d totally pay $10 for an 8×10 of toilet paper, wouldn’t you??

      • I just don’t understand. Even toilet paper companies don’t photograph plain shots of their product. Why?

  87. Here’s my work. Give it to me straight. I’m a Photojournalism student, freshman.

  88. that person thinks they are a photographer…….. awful!

  89. Some seriously craptastic spot colour! This is on a page for a “Glamour shot contest” hahahaha very glamorous!

    • In their defense, they aren’t the photographer. If you read the comments these are photos that people are submitting. On the other hand…I hope that she didn’t pay anything for that photo. (Cute dog though lol)

      • Yes I know that Amber, I was just showing the terrible editing job, no clue who took it but yes I agree I hope she didnt pay them

  90. This is a classy engagement photo…

    • Didn’t link to anything…

    • umm…wow. I could see my uncle doing something like that. (the guy in the photo, not the one taking it). However…there is NO WAY I would post it on my photog page….

  91. Having “some fun” with photoshop is never a good sign. . .

  92. this is, i dont even know what this is

  93. Check out my work please. I typically do not charge for my work, I only recieve money when my subjects “insist” upon paying me. I donate photosessions to the local Pregnancy Resource Center and have volunteered my work for the local softball league. Should I give it up, start charging, or keep working? Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Anonymous

      hahahahaha she’s so proud some guy used one of her pics she took of him to be on Maury – one of the “are you baby daddy” episodes… seriously, that’s NOT a photography accomplishment – what a tool

      • Anonymous

        Complete bs. A fauxtographer that thinks her career is looking up bc she had a bad photo on Maury.

    • Anonymous

      Ummmm. He’s actually not bad. At least I don’t think he is.

      • Did you not see that half of his photos have headless people in them… how does that make a decent picture??

      • Didn’t you know? SC is out, and headless people are in! Lol.

      • Hey,

        Its the “B” from BnE. It’s funny because I actually love this site. Didn’t think anyone would ever put up my work lol. As far as the “headless” shots, I just thought it’d be a fun thing to do for the profile pictures. And if you take a look at my picture, FAR from “half” are headless but I understand this is exaggeration. I never claimed to be a professional. I have never charged for my work because I do not think I am capable enough enough yet to call myself a professional photographer. If you take a look at my earlier work, you will see that I have grown quite a bit and I still have a lot to learn as a photographer. We started this for fun after me and my friend got back from Iraq in 2011. Only a year, we have been doing this. But thanks for your criticism and I hope you check out the rest of my “work”.

      • Well thats good to hear that you don’t charge money. Keep working on it then πŸ™‚

      • Dawnie

        I don’t mind the headless people so much, it’s about composition, and the photos always have an interesting point of focus. I would say you have gone a little overboard on the contrast/saturation though.

  94. Remember constructive criticism people.

    • Anonymous

      Some of the pictures might have been good if they weren’t blurry and badly blurred in some photo editing program or completely over saturated. They need to step away from any editing program until they know how to use one properly. ugh Out of every picture on that site, I only liked ONE and it was a toddler and trees. That’s pretty sad that one out of like 50 was any good


    • Brittany Jenean

      Slightly mortified. Well, beyond slightly. Why in the name of GOD would the “photographer” allow this woman to pose like that!? It is in no way flattering. But this is just my personal opinion.

  96. Just would like to know other peoples opinion on her photography?

    • I think she needs a bit more practice with how to use the settings on her camera. Many photos are over exposed or not in focus. Some of her pictures are really good, but many of them are not something I would pay money for. Do you know if she charges money or is she doing it as a hobby because she just loves it? We’ve seen much worse on here, but it’s not what I would really call “professional” or worth paying for

      • Yeah she do charge for her “professional” services. She also said she is going to start wedding photography……… yeah haha. She only has a rebel xsi or something!

      • Incredulous

        Yep, she’s charging. She posted about Easter mini sessions for a whopping $30/session.

  97. Found this local fauxtographer on craigslist. Looked up her website. She only has a Facebook page, but wow…love the yellow wedding photos, and the lovely spot coloring on the maternity pics. Yikes…

    • Incredulous

      “so… a while ago my sis in law told me about this lady/ company that does fun in-home party photo shoots (or even at a hotel for a girls night!)! These shoots cost about $199 per person (and does not include any pic.s from what i understand, u order those seperate) So… what i’m getting at is, it sounds like a lot of fun! Some shoot idea’s include/ but are not limited to the girlfriends shoot, s…exy, fun, pin up style, imposed nude and even make a calendar for your hubby OR u could do all the cusions/ kids in family without the wait in a crowded stodio, the idea’s are endless! I would love to set a few of these parties… parties for 5-10 people @just $20 per person and get (1) free 5×7 each! INFACT:::::>>>> if Amazing Angel Eye’s Photography has done your pic.s b4 I will upgrade everyone in your party to an 8×10 if u host your party b4 April 1st!”

      WHAT THE HELL DOES IMPOSED NUDE MEAN?! Learn English, it’s IMPLIED. Ugh. Basically the whole post says, “I have no idea what I’m doing or how this will actually work, but since someone else charges money for it, I will too!”

      • ummm…..maybe…….she is going to take a nude photo and super-impose it over the people….uhh..yea that’s it. =/

  98. LOL Plz someone stop this girl

    • thats the worst pic idea ever, and dont even get me started on her shoe choice LOL

      • To whom it may concern


      • pms much? haha

      • Justin

        ??? Who is thhhhat?

      • Justin


        you really need to keep going, your rage is hilarious.

    • Incredulous

      They got all butthurt and took it down. πŸ˜›

      • Annonymous

        thats sad! ppl this is criticisim you can have rainbows all day

  99. saving you money on framing your pictures by taking pictures with a big frame “hold this please”

    • Justin

      FRAMED! the mom n dad don’t look too happy

      • Incredulous

        Content not available. πŸ™

      • Annonymous

        It was bbbbbad. family sitting down n the ground holding a frame infront of the whole family looking mad. if i were the customer i would be mad. doesnt look like the faux is good with kids


  101. this photographer is obsessed with boudoir or aka getting girls to get half naked in hotel rooms, oh look I brought my camera

  102. Don’t mind the hotel pamphlet and my lighting in the hotel mirror

  103. lol I think the bride in the mirror was suppose to be in focus. Oh and can she be any redder? pore bride. πŸ™

    • Justin


    • Justin

      the fb copy wasn’t that bad but i contacted her about your posts

      • To whom it may concern

        good πŸ™‚ love to hear that.

      • Love that I told her you were bieng rude and posting her pics? ? ? You’re a sinical bitch with no talent then she is rite

      • To whom it may concern

        ok I post her photos but ya’ll set there and post other peoples photos and make fun of them. What she can’t handle her crappy work being made fun of?? You know nothing about me. She isn’t little miss innocent here. She needs to grow up and it sounds like her little buddies do to.

    • Annonymous

      she didn’t post those so you can stop trying to find imperfections in her talent. You are trash and you did terrible with my daughters pictures I am putting you on blast.*~*~ANONYMOUS~*~*

      • To whom it may concern

        really i done a bad job in your daughters photos. That is the first I heard of. Kinda funny that all my clients have returned for other sessions.

      • holy crap!

        Maybe once you’re done learning how to use your camera properly, you can get some lessons in Grammar! You done a bad job?!?!?!

      • To whom it may concern

        oh plz grammar grammar grammar. what r you a teacher. Get a life!

      • holy crap!

        haha yeah actually I am, and you’re clearly an idiot πŸ™‚

      • To whom it may concern

        whatever ! If you r a school teacher i hope my kids are not in your school. Pretty sad that a school teacher would make fun of other peoples photos. Wow that is soooo grown up.

      • Annonymous

        well the goal was to post pics and show the page that you suck, that was done, you finding them was just a plus i guess because you proved your grammar is just as bad as your fauxtography. i think you’re first page material if that helps. LOL

    • Annonymous

      her buddies? we are just people of the page. you are so dumb it is getting sad that youve spent all day defending yourself on something that doesnt even matter

    • You butt seems to be hurting.

  104. This one they even had all that natural light and the baby is still dark. Can you say not in focus to.

    • Justin

      It looks like snapshots at a party the other pics arent bad this isn’t even bad

      • To whom it may concern

        Oh plz if you are a Professional like she says she is. A professional would have used all that natural light and it wouldn’t have all the shadows.

      • Annonymous

        Just checked her page and she says still learning, professional quality. I agree with her on that tho shes not bad.

  105. So called photographer.. Looks like a picnik editing job!!!. Get some real editing software.

    • Justin

      Her other work isn’t done in picnic it looks like she just started out with it, that pic is cute tho! ! !

      • Justin

        shes got a good style going unlike some crazies on here

      • To whom it may concern

        Oh plz I know for a fact that is what she uses. She will have to find something else when they cancel the

      • Annonymous

        It looks like she started on picnik in ther former pics but now theyre really well.

      • Annonymous

        where is GUN BARRELL CITY anyway?? ur acting like this site is hurting your reputation but you dont even have one

  106. Oh look at the stupid little heart thing.. How Original!! Need to get their own ideas. Stop copying Pinterest.

    • Justin

      You are PMSing HARD huh

      • To whom it may concern

        Is that all you people can say!! Oh you are PMS. how original

      • Twana is a black girl name so you must be ghetto.

      • wow tin racist much?

    • Incredulous

      It’s very obvious you’re just trying to trash other photographers because you got posted here. The smarter thing to do would to have been to change the name you used on here to post all these. Now you just look like a butthurt little crybaby. Grow up and move on.

      • .to whom it my concern

        maybe i didn’t want to change my name for a reason. The people that run their heads about other peoples photography and change their name are little people with no lives. My point was proven. I don’t have to explain myself to know one.

      • Incredulous

        You mean ANYone. NO one wouldn’t have even been correct. You are pointing out photographers who aren’t horrible, but yet you took down the photo that someone posted of yours. You didn’t prove any point other than that you are a jerk who can’t handle criticism (and can’t speak proper English to boot). BRAVO!

      • Annonymous

        I agree with them. The other photographer’s pictures were not bad she should put them back up, but you should just quit while you’re behind. Get it? Because you’re not ahead, your stuff is amateur with nothing to build on. You can tell the newborns are over-edited. You use the cloning tool wayyyyyy too much. Criticism. That’s all this page is.

      • Annonymous

        Everyone has there opinions. Doesn’t make them right, but they do have opinions. Kinda sad that people have to bash other peoples work. All this is a page that likes to bully people when they voice their opinions. We teach our children to be nice, but it seems the adults out in this world need to learn something about the bullying.

  107. Oh yes she claims to be a PROFESSIONAL!!! WTH

    • Some of those pics aren’t that bad… not sure what the problem is with them. Some are weirdly edited it looks like but most of them are actually decent compared to some of the crazy crap we get on here…

      • Justin

        Throwing stones at things that shine, she’s starting out great!

      • To whom it may concern

        Well I guess people pay for what they get. that is all I have to say.

      • To whom it may concern

        You need glasses!!!

      • Annonymous

        What a comeback, how about you never come back?? Can’t handle the slander then don’t be in media.

  108. Good reason for her to be illiterate

  109. Hey there! I was checking out your blog and I had a good laugh. It blows my mind that people will charge for total crap like what you have posted.

    I am a semi-pro artist. (like I actually do good work and charge fairly) and photography is more or less a hobby. I don’t go out of my way to take a picture, but when I feel like it I will pull out my phone and take pictures.

    A friend and I decided to start a tumblr account dedicated to the point and shoot. We are pretty much sticking it to people who think they are photographers because they have a camera and know what Photoshop is.

    All the photos on our blog were taken with Camera Phones. They almost all have been taken with Camera Apps with retro-esque filters. We want to show that anyone can take a picture and that it doesn’t matter what you take the picture with.

    Check it out and tell us what you think!


  110. Just have a look.

    Pirated Corel Paint Shop and massive overuse of filters. Plus a good dose of 50 for 50.

  111. So there are two photographers in this company, one who already knows everything about photography, since she gets lots of highfives from her friends in the bar, and the other who is always trying to learn something new about her camera, and grow. Can you tell where one’s photos end and the others begin???

  112. She’s advertising on facebook Yard Sale sites “Quick, let’s get to 100 fans and I’ll give away a whole 30 minute session!!”

    • I went through a bunch more of her pics and I don’t think I’ve seen anything that crappy in a while. What the hell is wrong with people??? How can someone think that blurry, uncentered, spot coloured crap is worth any money!?!?! And what the heck did she do to this poor baby (new link under this post)

  113. Okay, so I’m wanting BRUTALLY HONEST feedback. I work as a Photo Lab Tech and slowly, I’ve realized that some of my photos are quite bad. I don’t claim to be a pro, I just love photgraphy. I use Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop CS5. I know the contrast, coloring, etc, is off in quite a few photos. But I’m seeking feedback before I go out and buy myself a DSLR. I currently have a P&S which has taken all of my photos. So, should I hang it up or keep learning?

    • Oh, and I forgot, a very select few were taken and edited with my iphone when I did not have my camera in reach.

    • I think that if you buy a good dslr and take the classes and actually learn how to use it properly you could take some pretty decent photos πŸ™‚ I’m not saying that ‘anyone’ can just buy a dslr and take a class and be a pro, but if you’re dedicated and take the time to learn and make sure you’re good before you start charging people money, that’s what makes a good photographer. Best of luck

      • Brittany Jenean

        Thank you. I’m working diligently to save up for a camera and then begin taking some classes. I’m eager to learn everything I possibly can about photography. My husband took photography in high school, however, he used film rather than digital. But I hope to hear more feedback from other individuals as well and hope that many of you can give me insight as to what I am doing wrong when it comes to the editing process. Another question I have is this:

        Is it bad that it takes me days and countless hours to edit photos? My husband seems to believe that I take too long when it comes to editing.

  114. Lately it seems that every time I turn around, someone new is offering photo services and half of them suck, a third of them have potential, and only a select few are TRUE photographers.

    Now, I’m not certain what program this fauxtographer uses during her editing process and quite frankly, I’m too frightened to ask. Some of the photos are downright horrible and I find it odd that anyone would pay her! So, is my opinion off or spot on? Judges commence judging.

  115. Umm, Adult cake smashes? LOL

    • tiny tina

      I kinda like the concept but her pics are a bit creepy.

    • Gotta love the half naked maybe 19 year olds in the “sexy” photoshoot – barf and this is her comment on one of the waaaay too dark photos
      “This one was a “NEW” Type of editing i decided to try out on this Photo.. I think it is more Dramatic, I Really love it :-)” drop the editing tools! ugh

  116. worst pic i’ve ever seen. cant believe they call themselves a photographer!!

  117. Whats the bet that isn’t a composite? Yup, just put a baby up on a huge tractor tyre. Totally safe :/

  118. Good Gawd. There are no words for this…wait, yes…there is word…SHITE.

  119. Wow… groupon should really screen the people they let put deals on their site a little better. This woman’s photography is garbage
    For only $29 you can get a 30 minute shoot with a full cd of pictures and she “immortalizes family moments within mantle-worthy photos set against lush outdoor environs” more like brutalizes πŸ˜‰ And Environs?? wtf

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