Seems like everyone is starting a photography business these days. These buy-a-DSLR-and-open-up-shop photogs need a wake up call, they are not photographers. 

Being a photographer means owning more than one lens, and most of all knowing about basic lighting and composition.

Ginger and Mary Anne are sisters from different misters. One night they sent links to awful “professional” quality photos back and forth and “You Are Not a Photographer” was born.

Do you know a non-photographer?

Write us: youarenotaphotog@gmail.com


  1. Steven O'Connor

    Love this site…makes my pseudophotog pics look so much better.

    Ps I am withholding my site info for fear of a feeding frenzy 😉

  2. Im a professional photographer and the last few years when I tell people what I do they say oh I have a professional camera too lol! Also yes its horrible but there are sooo many bad dslr fauxs there. Seriously craigslist! Lol

  3. Photography is a lot more “user-friendly” nowadays. Recently technology allows for even the most novice of photographers to create some good stuff. Let them have their fun. Something’s in the air with this photography kick. Don’t be bitter…you’ll still have a job. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      If they had a job, they wouldn’t have time to sit and surf the internet for bad photos 🙂
      Bitter housewives or failed photographers is my bet!

    • It is not as much about having a job than about misleading information. Many real professional photographers understand that it is not the camera that makes them a photographer nor is it the ability to take a good photo. I have seen people who dump $5000 into a great camera only to run the auto features on the camera 100% of the time and take photos that could have been obtained with a consumer grade $200 camera. I personally work in film as well as photography and one of the biggest problems with novice photographers as well as videographers is they do not know or understand resolutions, color correcting and grading, file formats and codecs, deliverables, print and product setting requirements and so on. What tends to happen is that many small businesses will meet with multiple photographers or videographers and make their decision based on price and if they produce good photos or videos, but good photos and videos are only 30% of professional photography and videography. let’s say the small business wants a photo taken for a billboard, a novice photographer may come in and underbid the real professional photographers just to get the job. Let’s say they took great photos for the business they get paid deliver the photos and go on their way. The business owner thinks he got a great deal but what neither of them is thinking about is… were the photos color balanced and graded for print or digital? because there is a big difference (what looks good on a screen may look terrible in print). What about the resolution? were the photos taken in a resolution that will not look distorted when blown up to the size of a billboard? How about with video? Let’s say the small business is just starting up and working with a limited budget and they go with the novice videographer. Most novice photographers and videographers do not mention that they are just starting out. If the business wants to have a commercial made for broadcast tv there are certain technical requirements that have nothing to do with shooting great video. if all of those technical requirements are not met the station will refuse to air the commercial and the small business will have to reshoot the video or not do a commercial at all. Yes, they could release it on youtube but that was not the initial goal and may not be as effective for that company. My whole point is that look it is fine to get a camera and take photos or video and all of that. But don’t claim what you can’t 100% without a doubt fully deliver! If you have not done that work before work with somebody who has and learn don’t just come out of the gate calling yourself something you have not earned. Oh and just for clarity, I am taking time away from my work because this is becoming a big problem not for photographers but for businesses!

      • Hmmm… Well, if non-photographers are really so bad in every way, then how can they be bad for business?

        I think you can find a balance in the middle. You’re right… not every amateur is perfect out of the starting gate. But I’ve also known “professionals” who call themselves professionals and who have studied and worked in the field of photography for years… and guess what? They are NOT PHOTOGRAPHERS either.

        It is not the camera by itself and it is not the person by itself (sorry, but it’s not). It’s the combination of the two. It’s creativity, talent, art, and knowledge. Not specifically in that order.

        In short, (and for clarity, I am a professional photographer and have supported myself very well for over 15 years this way) I have seen professionals that photograph technically perfect, but their work lacks soul and heart. I have seen the layman capture an angle that has touched so deeply no one would soon forget.

        Photography, by definition, is an art form. Therefore, it is interpretive. What one sees as beauty may be another’s mediocrity.

        Let’s all embrace each other instead of being petty and try to see the good in everything, rather than picking apart something and focusing on the negative, less someone do the same to us as well.

  4. By making this site you are not taking photographs; by ranting about certain photographs you are not taking photographs in their lieu; in short, you’re a passive-aggressive: a naysayer. Have fun with your worthless ranting and raving!

  5. My question to you is are you professional photographers or just 2 bored housewives who need to put others down to make yourselves feel better?

    • I can tell these two already struck a nerve. Must be unsettling to finally get exposed for not being a real photographer simply because you have a camera and the outdoors.

      • A photographer is, simply by definition, a person who uses a camera to make images. Give a child a camera and they are simply a child with a camera, but, the moment they take a picture with that camera, they become a photographer. I’d like to know your definition of a “real photographer.”
        Perhaps the author of this site should have worded the title better to avoid confusion; it seems they are attacking only those who are happy with themselves thus do not bother attacking others.

      • Natalie Tonkins

        Actually, you are incorrect, being able to press the shutter button takes no skill, judgement or perception of what you are doing. I can pull the trigger on a gun, it does not make me a ‘shooter’ or ‘marksman’.

        The word photograph means to ‘draw with light’, it is an art form, it takes a natural born gift honed with years of painstaking training and soul searching to be a professional photographer because most do not shoot for the ‘money’ it is a passion which is why so many are up to their necks in debt and it is not until they die that recognition is finally achieved and their images sell for decent money, just like an artist.

        You may own a camera, it does not make you a photographer in the same way that I own a tool kit, but I am not a mechanic….!

      • I hate everything about this website, especially you.

      • Chris Churchill

        “being able to press the shutter button takes no skill, judgement or perception of what you are doing. I can pull the trigger on a gun, it does not make me a ‘shooter’ or ‘marksman’.”

        Agree or disagree with this site, that is perfect.

    • Photography – The art of taking a picture.

      Photography is an art form, some people are blessed with an eye to shoot and others are not. This website just proves my point…. Some people should stay with the camera phones and instagram…

  6. I absolutely LOVE this site though I wish you had more pictures up from all these fail fauxtogs and momtogs.

  7. I had an interview with one of these PHOTOGRAPHERS today.. I looked at her site many times yesterday, read her bio again and again.. something just didn’t settle.. I saw misspellings on her site, grammatical errors in her blog, I saw terrible overtouched photographs, that could make a eunuch out of a woman and the same shot for maternity photography over and over again. Inconsistant in her phone call to me, I sent an email to her asking her if she had read my cover letter & sure enough, she did not. Just all the people that pick up a camera today, no film or composition background whatsoever. I love seeing little children with tree limbs coming out of their heads.. that’s photo 101 and tree limbs coming out of pregnant mother’s head…WOW..it was my conclusion that all it takes is money to buy a camera and a lot of EGO ! She even give workshops how to do it HER WAY FOR 1000.00 for a one day session, successful at something else, and HER PASSION for photography since she was a child, did not give her the skill or the knowledge and the repeatative shots, with just a different baby or mother or kid, was not a PROfessional Photographer, no matter if she called herself one or not.. BUT this is very very common now and I’ve in fact retouched their photographs for them before.. not anymore.

    • Grow up, Marie. You’re not a customer of hers; stop bothering yourself with her and move on.

      • DG Freeman

        I agree with Kyle and seem to be about the only one. I don’t see the point in getting defensive about photographer, good pr bad. I am an amateur myself who has worked with professionals several times as assistant or second shooter and not a single one of them gives a crap about how terrible XYZ Photographer’s “Professional Portraits” are. The point is I don’t think that REAL professional Photographers care about how many Fauxtographers are out there.
        Daveo brings a good outlook down below as well…
        I hope everyone has a great holiday taking crumby photos and making fun of everyone else’s crumby photos! Cheers!

        …having said that there are some terrible photos posted here.

    • You don’t have to be good to be an artist …. photography is art .. same way painter mixes paint .. photographers .. mix camera settings … some people are better than others ..but that’s subjective , people are into Wierd art everywhere … just because you don’t like it from a technical point of view doesn’t mean you can dismiss someone else’s “art” .. you just don’t like it … we aren’t talking mechanicss or engineering here … it’s expression

    • Chavorina

      I post certain pictures in a modeling site and they eat me alive. I thought I was allowed to post pictures but according to some I suppose to be perfect before post any picture in facebook. I start reading here and I can tell there is a lot of hate as well. What is wrong with this world that you need to tear each other just to feel superior?

  8. and yes I know I have a couple misspellings.. I type too fast and got too overly excited and frustrated with the whole thought of these Fauxtogs.

  9. I’m a professional photographer and think this site is incredibly pathetic…a bunch of self important people who think that they are god’s gift to the earth in relation to photography. Get over yourselves…

  10. Matthew Magbee

    I too am a photog and prob would be featured on this site with some of my earlier work. However, I have become alot better over the last 4 years. I still poke fun at myself for shotty work or missing a small detail. I love the site and will continue to make sure I am not on it !!

    Thanks again 🙂

    • i actually submitted some of my older work. i was in that phase of using picasa and not knowing my lighting when i first started (never again)

  11. I absolutely love this site. I’m not a professional photographer but I admire the true professional photographers – you know, the ones that go to school, actually read the plethora of books out there, have written some of the books out there, or have worked under a great photographer. They’re skills are incredible. There are too many people out there that pick up a camera and think they have skills because out of 500 photos five look pretty good, or have acquired photoshop and learned how to “enhance” or wrap a photo in pretty white light. And that’s why this website is incredible. Too many people need to be called out for the crap that they are selling. On top of the fact that they are giving real professional photographers out there a bad name. A real photographer, ladies and gentlemen, KNOWS how to take a photo – they don’t just stumble across a good one from time to time. A good photographer can take – and usually wants – criticism. A good photographer doesn’t rely on friends and family to boost their self confidence.
    Again, I LOVE this site. Keep it coming!

    • Oh ok, so a TRUE professional photographer is one that goes to school and reads a lot. Great, thanks for clearing that up.
      What an intelligent comment.
      Amber – get a life and stop being so angry. You’ll feel better, I promise.

  12. I love this site! I’ve had some good laughs and learned a lot from the comments. Thank you to the real pros here for sharing their tips and pointing out the flaws seen here and how the FauxTogs went wrong; it’s actually a great way to learn.

    Yes, if I charged money, I’d be a Fauxtographer. I don’t so I’m not! That’s valid.

    It kills me to see people at my level or much lower actually charging people or misleading them about their skills. They deserve to end up on People’s Court.

    On the other hand, some “clients” deserve what they get because they don’t value the time and talent that goes into good photography and good art in general. They secretly (or not) think it should all be free. I’ve had people tell me that if they had a camera like mine, they could do it themselves (mid level DSLR). I can only smile (grimace).

    Some advice: hire a website designer and this site could go far! It’s…dull visually, frankly, but has a ton of potential. More images, good and bad!

  13. I don’t know which is worse: amateurs who buy a DSLR and think they’re professional photographers(*), or amateurs who buy a copy of FrontPage and think they’re professional bloggers.

    (*) Written by an amateur who has bought a DSLR and does *not* think he’s a professional photographer.

  14. professional by trade

    One thing that should be made clear…. By copying someone’s photography, no matter how horrible it is, you are VIOLATING US copyright laws. Be certain that if I find one picture of mine posted on this page, you will be reported. Critique me all you want.. I’m a big girl! I can handle it. Violate my rights, and all hell will break loose. I may be a “facebook” photographer, but my reputation in the professional field supersedes this particular area. With four years + of on the job training, I cater to my customers….. Your opinion matters only to those who care to hear it. Of course.. Opinions are like anal openings.. everyone has one..

    • KUDO”S! I agree completely! YOU GO GIRL!

    • AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey, dumbass- you’re aware that every image featured on this site is featured by someone who actually had the right to post it, right? Didn’t think so. Learn to read. :3

  15. There is nothing wrong with wanting to pick up a camera and try shooting for yourself. However, It takes years of practice and education as well as patience. I spent years in my university’s dark room fucking up over and over before finally developing film correctly and printing successful images.

    People who buy a fancy camera and think thats ALL it takes to start a business is the real problem. Photography is very hard work and takes a special talent. If people want to cut costs and hire someone who is not a professional but owns a nice camera, then power to them when their images turn out to be terrible and their event is captured by an amateur. I pride myself on my photographic education and apply my knowledge to my work. It is not elitist or self-important, I just simply want to represent myself as a professional.

    • I think the problem is that so many of you “professional” photographers are bitter about spending so much time and money on an education and setting up a business that when you fail, you blame everyone else. I’m not a photographer, nor do I have ambition to become one but I recognize bitterness when I see it.
      Good luck with your life. I hope you’ll get happier soon.

      • I think your problem is that you’re going through every post and bawwwing about people on here being self-righteous when you are, in fact, being self righteous in your attempts to put them down. Ironic.

  16. Always rrefehsing to hear a rational answer.

  17. Richard Crosby

    I started following this blog because I thought it would be something humorous to read and an educational tool for someone just getting into photography. However, I have found all of your posts to be bitter and hateful.

    Even if you do not respect the photographers you mock, they are still photographers and have certisn rights. One of those rights is copyright on their image. You are reposting these images without consent of the copyright holder. I would assume as a photographer yourself (if you are in fact one) you would have a little more respect for copyright.

    And before someone responds with the cop out reply of one of your pictures made the site, I will say that I have never claimed to be anything more than an amateur and make no attempts to try to be a pro photographer.

  18. I’m a pro photographer and at least give these people props for trying to follow their dreams and learning. We all make mistakes. If some people love their work and are willing to pay for it, then props to them. We ALL have to start somewhere. Yeah some of it is tacky, some badly edited. Yeah anyone can get a camera. But they are trying and learning. Just like you.

  19. What happened to you two housewives (?) to make you so bitter?
    Can you tell me your story except that you spend most of your day looking at photos on facebook? Makes me sad that you have such low self confidence.
    Can you link to your photos, I would love to see what “professional” photographs look like in your eyes 🙂
    I would also love to know why you don’t put your full names on the site, are you ashamed?
    And I would be very interested to know the story behind the anger!
    What I find would find most interesting is to know if you would have as many fans for your own photos as I you have for the photos you hate.
    Best of luck in the future and I wish you happier lives!

  20. you are not a grown up

    everyone that cooks food is not a “chef”
    everyone that play music is not a “musician”

    that will not stop them from doing so, and likewise with a camera. here’s my bet: you’ve spent great amounts of time and money to become a “photographer” and are now in fact a failed photographer who is bitter at the mere site of a photo?

    • Anonymous

      I think you’re absolutely right.
      And I think this site is not at all the success they hoped it would become. Bitterness is never a good base for a blog.

  21. ashleigh reynolds

    check out game over images / inkd barbies on Facebook. you will have a good laugh

  22. Thank you very much for this site!

  23. Gold Fish

    I might not be great at what I do, but I have potential and I’m learning every day. I also have sense enough to go to school for photography and business before my business is official. I do understand though, because of how angry I get at another local photography business who’s work is pure crap, and yet people keep going there. I will rise above it, and I will learn from some of these seriously bad “photographers”

  24. I’m gonna help ya’ll out free of charge. A professional is a person who gets consistent results under any circumstances.

  25. Get a life and take come spelling classes. I am a lawyer and a photographer, and what you are doing is bad for the hobbyists and the professionals, and bordering (if not already doing so) on defamation. I can see through the redactions, and while some of the photos are humorous, I think that anyone who likes this site or posts on your Facebook page needs to get a life. And yes, I see the irony that even I am taking precious moments out of my life to bash your stupidity.

  26. photophile

    What I think a lot of people have seemed to miss is that this site is not dedicated to bagging out beginners and amateurs (who know they are amateurs). All the photos I’ve seen on here seem to be coming from people who havn’t even bothered to learn the very basics of photography and feel they don’t need to learn it. Everyone starts from somewhere and it takes time to produce good quality images and it’s obvious a lot of people are starting their “photography business” much too early. The person hiring a photographer deserves to have good quality photos or if they are an amateur and doing it for practice only charge for cost. But most important of all, don’t carry yourself like a professional photographer and only produce crap images, it gives the truly dedicated photographers a bad name.

  27. Some of the images on the site made me laugh, some are really sad if you think a bit further beyond the funny, faulty or tasteless pics.
    Good entertainment.
    I don’t understand that some people get so angry about the site though. There will be bad photographers to the same degree as there will be bad professionals in any other job, it’s just the way it is, but bad photographers aren’t nearly as bad as bad politicians, bad judges, bad law enforcement professionals, bad medics, bad firefighters, bad religious leaders, bad television makers, bad mass media marketeers, bad school teachers, bad car drivers, bad lawyers, bad bankers, etc… why get so angry over an entertaining site with some funny photographer criticism, and take everything else for granted: you don’t have to be a politician to be publicly critical of politicians, you don’t feel any shame to declare in public in church that your God is the only God, … well, you don’t have to be a protog to publicly criticise photographers, and there is no shame in publicly stating your opinion even on subjects you know others will fanatically disagree with.

  28. For all of the people who seem to be getting defensive: instead of becoming angry, if you actually want to become a good photographer, learn from this site what NOT to do and maybe Google some tips on photography. It’s also nice to know how to use Photoshop (not Picnik) to your best advantage. You have to realize that just because you have an expensive camera it doesn’t mean your pictures will automatically be at a professional level. And also if you’re only taking pictures of family and friends, don’t make yourself a logo and call yourself a photography company.

  29. This is a hate site, through and though. Populated with comments by the uneducated & overly opinionated. The people commenting here spread their vindictive trash to the world, which serves no purpose but to soothe their own inadequacies through self gratification.

    The people here who comment are not professionals at anything, but failures of everything. No moral person would respect this site, let alone make fun of others at their expense.

  30. i kinda like this site. There is some really awful stuff here and it is funny to think that some people pay money for it, but I agree with many here who say it is based purely on hate. Some people take themselves WAY too seriously. You could post examples of bad work from ANY profession – examples of people who talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. Big deal. I get it in the industry I work in, but that’s life. I am not about to waste countless hours of my own time (I can’t imagine how many hours have been spent on this site) pointing out the bleeding obvious. I think if you are defending this site – ESPECIALLY if you are defending it with the zealous passion that some are, pointing out the finer details of what is wrong with each and every shot – then you really need to take a step back and chill out. Have a laugh, then move on. This sort of sh1t happens every day, everywhere.

  31. People are allowed to dream, who are you to say what people can and can’t do? you narcissistic egotistic bitches

  32. RobArt

    Awesome – love your site and keep up the good work

  33. Shutter Joe

    Bad photography still has a copyright. I hope you got permission to use all these or you could be in a world of shit.

  34. Your blog is mean spirited, while its easy to tear people down your website does almost nothing to help anyone improve and contributes to a nasty attitude in photography. The reason I assume you have so much time on your hands is because you’re an otherwise unsuccessful set of photographers. I have also noticed you’ve been too gun shy to link your own work or to even use your last names. Shame on you!

  35. FauxMan

    Where are YOUR photographs?

    Equipment doesn’t make the photographer or necessarily make a good photograph. What about tin types, pinhole. Some of my best shots are with an entry level DSLR with a manual focus.

    • Shannon

      I had to see this site for myself. It was brought up on a Facebook post. Not in a good way at all. I had to check it out. I am solely laughing at the misery of these women.
      Poor sad bitches who have far too much time on their hands!

  36. Vladimir Poetin

    I am a real photographer! Since 1973. You’re fake. Sorry. Get a life loser!

  37. haha lmao this is so true. I graduated high school with a class of 78 people. About 20-30 of them all think their photographers just because they attended photography class in high school. They all use smartphone cameras!!!! They have facebook pages like “first name, last name, photography” and I can’t help myself but to laugh my ass off. I died laughing when I came across this post because it’s so true. On top of that, all thier photos look like garbage and the biggest issue I see in these photos is “person or object placement” as if these photographers just see a nice random tree and their like “That’d be a good backdrop” without even thinking about the details of what the result may look like. Amateurs.

    P.S. I am NOT a photographer lol. Just a software developer with a passion for weekend photo taking of nice cars and landscapes for fun.

  38. Stanton

    So out of curiosity…

    …do any of the people posting this blog ever show links to their work? Are they any good? Asking for a friend.

  39. Hardey Leone

    Lol one guy above says: About 20-30 of them all think their photographers just because…

    Really? You can look into 20-30 people minds to know what they are thinking? Totally ridiculous comment!

  40. Hardey Leone

    I have created lots of fine images. Never used more than one basic prime lens on most shoots. Never used full frame and never paid for a new camera.
    Always was four or five years behind the new model but I knew what sensor I needed and what quality I wanted.

    If you push the camera you have to its limit, you can create
    master works.

  41. I’m not quite sure what the purpose of this specific blog was. But, I do know that the gist of the displayed frustration in it, can be applied to many art forms. Musicians who cringe at the new hot shot playing horrible Sublime covers at the bar through an amp that mommy and daddy bought for them, getting more cheers and chicks than the guys who spent 4 years at conservatory/MI and broke their backs to buy their gear. The actor who spent years studying the Shakespearean method in the UK, who silently suffers through the critics calling the Wahlbergs and Lawrences, “great actors”, while they still teach drama classes to teens at the local “Y”. The aspiring writer who studied Kafka, Dostoyevsky and Kierkegaardian existentialism, who throws their unpublished books at the TV, when JK Rowland, is glowingly interviewed on CNN. I suppose there is an equivalent situation for painters, sculptors, dancers, etc.

    So, why should photography be any different? This blog makes it sound as if the internet is chiefly responsible for spawning legions of skilless and soulless grifters(disguised as photographers), who have now been unleashed on the world, and whose shuttersnaps sound the death bell toll for “legitimate” photographic art. And to some degree, much of this may be in true in part or better. The net presents a literal wellspring of free advertising possibilities. And wherever you find free ads, you will find “artists” of all manner all skill-levels and demeanor, peddling their respective wares there. Buyer and art critic, beware.

    Cue “Stewie” from “Family Guy” and some seriously bad paraphrasing: “Ohhhh!! You call yourself a professional photographer, just because you took some black and white photos of a chair at sunset! Ohhh! You’re so brooding and dark!”. Even though comically stated, this more or less sums up roughly less than half of the “professional photographers”, that I have met throughout the years, working in countless milieu of art forms, shows, conventions, and normal, artless workaday life. And many of them, were foisting this particular professional semi-art scam, long before the internet existed.

    Some classic examples were the creepy middle-aged guy haunting every 1960’s-1990’s mall, skating rink and beach, presenting himself in his slickest, “Guy Smiley”-presentation, as a “professional photographer”. Approaching young, attractive women, with promises of modeling spreads, fortune and fame, for the small price of coming back with him to his living room, “photographer’s studio”, where her big “career” can begin. I’ve also known many a young tomiddle-aged woman, who may or may not have had the most exciting careers as office workers, food servers and grocery checkers, who one day decided(usually after being inspired by some Ansel Adams photos in a coffee table book), that their new chosen part-time profession was going to be “wedding/general photographer”. And darn it, they were going to be the “best” one they could be.

    Who’s to say what demonstrated acumen, aptitude, and devotion to the art form and ‘techniques’ of photography, or henious violations thereof, these ladies(some men too) may have committed(still are committing)? But, where there’s market demand(and when are weddings/graduations/white khakis and barefoot running along the beach-type sessions), ever going to go out of style? Somebody has to shoot them. If you’re a vested and venerated professional photographer, laboriously formatting your grittty photo-journalistic still life entries for LIFE magazine, you might be horrendously offended at the mere solicitation of such a job.

    Will there always be suspect people calling themselves, “photographers” and artists of all stripes? Yes. Can we realistically stop them from doing what they do? No. But the free market to some degree, can stop them or at least discourage them enough, to try and get better. I say, let those shutters rip, and let the dark room stop bath trays(yes I know, nobody uses those anymore), fall where they may.

    • Gotta gihv iht two ya Erik, dat wuhz ah guht poast. E-special-lee wahen eye wraed iht aootlawd inn anne
      Andrew (sp) fuhgin Dice-Clay (cheep nawgav) voyse!

  42. I want to see the photos of the folks who troll other sites. I’m curious to see their expertise with a camera. Can you provide a website for your site so that we, who are reading your articles (insults & criticism) be able to judge your work and decide if you are professional or another faux. After all, if you are going to mock others, you should put yourself out there as well–unless you are not confident in your own work. 🙂

  43. You pair are nothing but a couple of trolls. Get a life!

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  45. Wii ahll thaik hoursellvz mooch two sear-phuhkn-irisylee!!! Butt duh deavhill inne mi doos injoi guiht laf ah tyme ore two-twhenty phrum ah baahd fhoto, eespeashilee phrum uh cellph-wrichiss, nawrsuhsistiik pho’tahg!!! Which of course I’d have nary a clue about any of the pics posted here. Cheers:)

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