An Arm

I thought we’d put Halloween behind us. This is horrifying.

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  1. That sleeve is perfectly in focus.

  2. Gang signs at this early age? Pity.

  3. skynigurl

    Thing’s baby photo?

  4. Why is there pink on the sleeve? How tacky.

  5. meatballpie

    another fantastic use of color focus. makes me want to eat vibrant colorful apples and oranges and shit out black and white roses.

  6. Where’s the apple?

  7. Looks like they used a scanner. Did Stew start up his old Yahoo group?

  8. Was this shot by the same person who did the “floating feet” shot from a couple days ago? Maybe he/she hasn’t figured out that you can actually fit an entire person in the frame…

  9. E.T. … phone home.

    Dammit, I’m showing my age, aren’t I?

  10. Wsroadrunner

    Crime scene photos? Has Dexter been at it again?

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