Fauxtogs Are Dumb

This is giving me heart palpitations. Realllllly smart to let a child hang off of an escalator like that.

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    I believe you are are winding us up now! I don’t think this has been found on a so called photographers website!

  2. is this just a random pic of a stupid kid or is it set up for a photo op? Sorry I’m confused..

  3. Ok now that is just reckless…

  4. This is stupid in more ways than one. First, of course any normal thinkng person wouldn’t dangle their child from an escalator. Second, yet again we are posting photos that obviously were not posted by someone claiming to be a photographer. I’ll just blame it on Picnik and call it a day.

    • You Are Not a Photog

      They were selling their services and advertising as a photographer. It’s kinda the point of this site.

      • Really? Where does it say that that’s what this person was doing? Most of the photos have a watermark being marked out, or something that shows this. Are you for real? You think this looks like someone was using this to be a photographer? Give me a break.

      • I have to agree… this website has lost the plot, where I used to agree with critical suggestions and comments about terrible photography, it seems now it’s just a place for sad, unsuccesful photographers to hang out and criticise… anything… but their own work. I’m deleting my bookmark and leaving the site.

      • Amen.

      • Constructive critism is one thing. Bashing someone to pieces is just shitty.

  5. Yeah, this looks like a camera phone picture, very doubtful that it was even on a “fauxtog’s” site

  6. I know you said this photo was on a “Photographer’s” site, but I’d really love to see more context for validation.

    • You Are Not a Photog

      It was a submission. We saw the rest of the work. The FB page. We leave it as that.

  7. this WAS actually on a photographer’s website as part of their “porfolio” along with numerous bad pictures. The photographer is a local here.

  8. I dont think so. You can think we are going to believe this is on someone’s website that is claiming to be a pro or sell their services. hand over some proof or simply remove this one.

  9. Lighten up all of you arrogant dick creases!
    Seriously, is it really that big of a deal that you have to write cranky comments and tell them to ‘remove it’?

    You’re more pathetic than this fauxtographers efforts.

    I know of plenty of fauxtographers with ‘work’ as shit and stupid as this on their pages, and no not every one does watermark. If they say it were on a Facebook business page, it probably damn well was! They can’t show us their actual Facebook because so many douchebags will go and write horrible things.

    Get over it. They don’t HAVE to post ANYTHING for you to look at…

    • Well said!!! 🙂 This stuff is on here for us to laugh at and see how stupid people are that try to charge money for their crap pictures – not to try to force them to validate their every submission – just laugh at how stupid this person clearly is for a) taking a picture like this b)endangering their kid c)charging money to do it! Who gives a crap about anything else

    • Agreed!

      • The kid is nearly a whopping 3 feet from the ground. When I was a kid, I did stuff that made this look as dangerous as baking a cake. Before cameras, dangling 30 feet above a busy road full of moving traffic from a rail bridge was just done for fun! Terrible use of lighting, sure. And you can’t even see the kids face! A bad photo… but hardly life threatening.

      • You Are Not a Photog

        I thought you were leaving the site and never coming back?

  10. Honestly its probably not that big of a deal for the kid to be hanging on the escalator as much as it is that someone would take a picture of it claiming to be a pro. And edit the living crap out of it- I wouldnt even call it a photo anymore

    • Oh and by the by, for those of you being so critical about the “watermark” look at the bottom right edge of the photo. you can clearly see the top of a letter. Crazy concept here, they just cropped the photo instead of blurting out the watermark.

  11. the quality of this site has been lack luster as of late and so are the replies from comments left by the admin. We the viewers can say what we want and the majority of us have a hard time with this photo. You probably should care what we think. After all we are the reason you are here.

    • You Are Not a Photog

      Actually, we’d be here without you. We’re not some corporation. We’re just two people that got fed up with fauxtography. We started the site for fun, and that’s what it remains. I’m the admin, and the site creator and writer and designer. It’s just a fun site on the Internet. You can say whatever you want, but we don’t have to publish it. Our house, our rules.

    • Well if the quality of the site has been “lack-luster”, you should do something to help improve it instead of complain about it. The comments by the admin are coming from someone who MADE this site, it’s THEIR vision, not yours. The comments are coming from someone defending themselves against people like you. The comments on this page tell me one thing; the admin on this website stay their ground. For all of you calling this photo fake, and asking for more proof I say this: The moderator of the site obviously looked into the “photographer” in question, and found there to be enough proof that this person was attempting to gain business off the above photo. In addition to that, the moderators are also most likely trying to avoid legal issues due to the photographer’s business being ruined due to libel from people like YOU going to the website after the moderator posts it. So in the best interests of everyone, just take the photo for what its worth, and if you don’t like it, look at a different photo or stop using the site.

    • The majority of you are obnoxious, and you don’t even link to your own photography website, so why should the moderator care what your opinion is? For all we know, YOU’RE not a photographer.

    • no one cares what you think – if you don’t like the photos don’t come on their site – it’s THEIR site to do what they please with – if you want to start your own page, feel free to do so but get over yourself!

  12. The fauxtog could’ve used a better image.

  13. Heck… Since this was shot by a pro… why would anyone worry about maiming the client? The photographer has insurance, riiight? They must have insurance… don’t they?! … Come on, you’ve heard of… Insurance??? Crap…

  14. Dang, moving to WordPress really brought out the jerks. Keep doing what you’re doing and ignore the naysayers.

    And this photo is ridiculous … that kinda goes without saying.

  15. While I don’t always agree with the harshness of the commentary, I have to stand by YANAP this time around. If you have to doubt that it’s a “real” photo by a “real” fauxtog, maybe you should just take a time out. It’s supposed to be all in fun, so why be such a hard-ass and insist that they give proof or remove the photo? Who the hell do you think you are? Ugh.

  16. could this not just be a grabshot? supposing the tog is confident in his/her work he/she maybe just saw this whilst out and shot from the hip..then just uploaded for fun?

  17. Michael Halliday

    What’s with all the blurring, something wrong with the lens?

    • The blurring is done either in picnic or ps or whatever editor the photographer used. You can see the selection lines and the evenness or lack there of of the blur – definitely not out of camera bokeh.

      My thought is that this is either a “grab-shot” or an attempt to show artsy – fartsy – ness – either way – doesn’t matter – it’s a fail – poorly lit, bad focus, bad concept, bad composition, etc…

      Also – just for the record – he looks to be about 7 or 8 feet up – allowing for cropping. And yes – kids that age do stuff like this all the time – I know I did when I was that age. Get yelled at by the mall cops and chased out for a day, move on to next location.


  18. This kid is no more than 3 ft off the ground. Plus the thing is prob off.
    Your website is just plain mean. Did your Daddy not hug you enough as a child? You’re a pretentious, insecure ass. Let’s see your work.

  19. Aberline

    Philosoraptor wonders if it is an up or down escalator.

  20. Gourmetguy

    The fact people are arguing about this not being a real pro’s photo, just says how bad this really is.

    Ha ha my photographer friend commented on the composition being wrong.

  21. That Fauxtog should fear and respect the Elevator!

  22. Anonymous

    whats with the blur? are they trying to make it seem “artistic” or something? it looks like crap and extremely corny/tacky.

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