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Maybe I Shouldn’t Post This

Normally we wouldn’t post anything that identifies the photographer, but put something like this on YouTube, and you’re pretty much asking for public scrutiny. “I do have a…

Fauxtogs Are Dumb

This is giving me heart palpitations. Realllllly smart to let a child hang off of an escalator like that.

Country Girl

I don’t have a problem with you being a country girl, however I do question your choice in photographers. What is up with that spot color?  

Happy Easter

I thought we’d continue with the holiday theme. Unfortunate positioning of the duck, no?

Merry Christmas

Since some of you will start addressing and mailing your Christmas cards soon, I thought I’d post some inspiration. A baby face planted with some selective colored Christmas…

An Arm

I thought we’d put Halloween behind us. This is horrifying.

Maybe It’s the Photographer

This memory card makes my pictures look blurry.  

Growing a Baby

So according to some fauxtogs, people grow plants and flowers grow babies?

Garbage Flag

Not only does the flag look like it’s a piece of garbage caught in the tree, but the kid’s eyes are closed. We’ll just start there.