Country Girl

I don’t have a problem with you being a country girl, however I do question your choice in photographers. What is up with that spot color?


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  1. The spot color is annoying, but the terrible font(s) are driving my mind crazy.

  2. WTF.

  3. There is no way this was done by a “professional” photographer!!

  4. Michellica

    The fonts are terrible, terrible, terrible, plus how many cowgirls run around in flipflops? I would not step in a barn without some good boots on.

  5. I feel really bad for the cows! πŸ™‚

  6. It’s times like these that I am GLAD I am colorblind…

  7. ahahaahahahahahaha

  8. Yes, I’m a fauxtographer…. so what !!!!

  9. if it were all in b/w it wouldn’t be half bad…

  10. Seriously? This was NOT done by a professional or anyone claiming to be. I think it’s lame to add photos like this to the site. And it’s a little pathetic to make fun of someones obvious personal photos.

    • yeah this is clearly not “pro or faux” work. this is someone’s dumb little photobucket editing or something, but no reason to make fun of it here.

  11. I think it looks like a porn shot…ewwwwwww

  12. she is as much of a country girl as those who buy big fake black glasses call themselves nerds. having raised cows, goats, and horses, when you take your pic with your critters you have them all clean and show ready with nice halters…this chick is in a petting zoo…so yeah, as country as the fauxtog is a photographer

  13. That did not really come from a “professional” website… HOLY CRAP.

  14. Whether someone got paid for this or not, it’s awful. I fully support the public ridicule of this photo.

  15. Another reason why Picnik should be banned from the internet. It gives fauxtographers a reason to think they are professional. This is horrible. I hope that girl gets her money back!

  16. sorry . . . . πŸ™ but this is all wrong. On the surface flip flops and barns not a good combo, country girl? fonts? spot color (horrid) and camera position, cows, barn . . . air, wind, and at a sub-atomic level. . . .

    just kidding. . . it’s so bad on so many levels. . . .

  17. The admin of this site needs to clarify whether this photo is actually from a professional photographer – fauxtographer or not. It truly just looks like a run-of-the-mill stupid Facebook upload. Now, if the photo was actually taken from the website or Facebook page of a “Fauxtog,” then DAYUM.

    • You Are Not a Photog

      That was clarified when we’ve repeatedly stated everything here comes from a fauxtog, someone that is charging or running a business. We’re not going to respond when someone makes that claim each and every picture. The pictures suck. It’s the point of the site.

  18. Note to self – never process photos while trippin’ out on LSD.


    I repeat the question at the end of the post: what the heck is up with fauxtogs and spot colour? I used it when I was like fifteen.
    It is not artistic. It’s dumb. Pictures with actually good colour editing are great but these, eh. Get Photoshop, Gimp, ANYTHING except Picknick. Or if you use the latter, do not claim yourself as a photographer.

  20. art_student13

    horrendous font choice

    the girl didn’t even dress up for the shoot…looks like a quick trip to the county fair…

    and does anyone else thing that the spot color makes her head look enormous

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