Maybe I Shouldn’t Post This

Normally we wouldn’t post anything that identifies the photographer, but put something like this on YouTube, and you’re pretty much asking for public scrutiny.

“I do have a very nice camera…” 

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  1. AND she is a signer! check out her SWEET background pic on her youtube home page.

    • I noticed that too. I was really hoping/praying that she was a good vocalist. Right before the photography video there is one on the “laws of attraction.” This channel might just be an argument that theory doesn’t always work.

      I will say, I wish I had the ovaries to throw myself out there like that and hope something creative sticks…

  2. She does text. I’m sold.

  3. Trailer park photography at its finest.

  4. Manda Rae

    The cheaper you are the more customers you get…riiiiiiiiiight! And I love that her “Logo” is actually a slogan.

  5. I don’t know, I’m still iffy on if she can get that really nice bronze…

  6. Oh come on guys…give her some credit now. She does have a nice camera!

  7. No need to get so nasty on her youtube page, folks. She has feeling you know.

  8. O.M.G. This is horribly embarrassing to the industry altogether. WHY would someone do this??? Does she honestly think it will help her bring in customers? Well, at least she knows how to edit in black and white and everything with her nice camera, I guess. So sad. 🙁

  9. “I have been doing this for about – 6 months ….. Photography is part of my life, its my highest…I’ve forgotten now” OMG. Oh please at least rehearse/script/THINK about what you are doing, or even make it so that you don’t look like a floating head. *sigh*

  10. Despite it all, I wish I had her confidence.

    • thought the same thing… man, she is confident!

    • Don’t confuse ignorance with confidence. There are 4 stages to a photographer:

      Unconscious Incompetence ( Fauxtogs )
      Conscious Incompetence
      Conscious Competence
      Unconscious Competence ( M. Photog. Cr. folks reside here )

      Can you guess where she’s at ?

  11. staywinsee

    But, ahhhm, photography is her highest hobby.

  12. I would love to see some of her photography work….and if this is an old video, what is she currently doing?

  13. So… we’re supposed to sign up to have her take our photos sight unseen? I mean, as much as her articulate presentation and “really good camera” fill me with confidence, some samples would be nice.

    The fact she even mentioned text scares me o_O

  14. I was wary of her services until she mentioned vignettes! I love vignettes! I bet she does the white ones, too … so classy, that white vignette…

    • Oh yes she does! Just looked at her FB and website pages. Not only does she rock the white vignette, but purple and green too!

  15. Ok, this is a bit random, but it’s the first thing that caught my attention and it always annoys me. I hate when people say phurtography. I know that’s inconsequential but it’s still aggravating.

  16. This video is 2 years old. Why are you guys even bothering to post comments making fun of her. Acting like an idiot to slam another “photographer” doesn’t make you seem any more professional than this chick.

  17. I’m not going to hire a photographer who can’t edit her video ad. The trust is gone.

  18. the best video is the one just before her photography business. You have to watch “The Law of Attraction”

  19. Check this one out. I think she thinks the camera is a mirror… lol

    • If you look through her YouTube vids she has on where she mentions a Photog teacher… perhaps a professor. So she may just be a student with no portfolio.

    • Wsroadrunner

      And, ummm….. And, ummm….. And, ummm…..

    • I feel like I am watching a Chinese subtitled file, the the subtitles are missing!

  20. “I do edit the pictures too! I know how to do B&W, sepia, vignette, pretty much everything!”

  21. “I know how to do B&W, sepia, vignette, pretty much everything!”….uhhhhhhhhhhh

  22. Know what? not the worst thing on here by miles – so she has a kit lens and doesn’t seem that knowledgable but there does come a point where we have to take our hats off to anyone who is having a go. I didn’t spring from the womb as a fully-formed photographer and, without sounding too philosophical hopefully, I probably never will be a fully-formed photographer.

    Customers have to choose. If they like her, they like her work (which is on the website and is OK), and they like her prices then who is to say they are wrong.

    The video is definitely a mistake though.

    Vignettes and sepia sound interesting too – I might go and find out what they are, they could be the next big thing 🙂

  23. No, you shouldn’t post it you douchebag asshole.

  24. My first thought when viewing the video was…how can I take her seriously as a professional photographer when her video looks that shitty? If the person cared about their work, the webcam/lighting should be of better quality than what she was using.

  25. Wow, she took her video down, I think she got the message, even if it did take two years.

    • She probably took it down because people were getting downright sick with their comments about her looks, her weight, everything. It was a revolting dogpile, nothing but bullies.

  26. Wsroadrunner

    the video was removed. How are we supposed to laugh at these people if they remove their crap? LOL

  27. Wsroadrunner

    And, ummm….. BWAHAHAHA

  28. Oh my sweet Jesus. I wish this was a joke. And her singing videos….agh, someone needs to get this girl off the internet.

  29. Amandaggogo

    Did nobody else notice under Occupation on her channel it said “Photographer at Sears Portrait Studio”…..

    I used to work in a studio somewhat like that one once. I never called myself a professional, and vowed never again to work there. It was horrid. I worked alongside a girl who didn’t even know what an F-Stop, or aperture was. How to arrange the lighting, or anything! She was 17, and said “It sounded like a cool job title to have, so I applied.”
    *Shakes head*
    Never again will I ever step foot in one of those places.

  30. Is it possible find a new link of the video?

  31. its been removed by the user lol!

  32. Oh darn I missed it 😉

  33. hey just so y’all know this vid was removed by the user

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