Merry Christmas

Since some of you will start addressing and mailing your Christmas cards soon, I thought I’d post some inspiration. A baby face planted with some selective colored Christmas ornaments makes for an attractive card, right?

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  1. Surely this is a joke. It has to be. A really, really, unfunny joke.

  2. I am at a loss for words! Oh wait, I can think of one, “craptastic” lol

  3. Well, having just taken pictures of my toddler, sometimes, the best shot you can get of them is with their head in a blanket. Just sayin’. Now where is that glass of wine….

    • Oh, but the selective coloring? Yeah, no.

      • woot! aussie commenter.. we are the only ones who understand that yeah.. no is a perfectly valid answer heheheh

      • Yeah, no is a great answer to many of lifes questions.

        Hubby looked at this and said, “I’m sorry, but the baby looks dead”. Why, oh why, does someone think this photo is suitable for a Christmas card?

      • yea…no ITS KIWI

      • The baby obviously is turned enough on the opposite side that it’s not a face-plant.. I think it’s supposed to be capturing the swirl in the hair. It’s really sweet to have something like that to look at, but for a picture to be passed out I would rather see the baby’s face.

    • I agree. I just did portraits of my 2 1 yr old grandkids…I got more pics of their backside then anything….i keep shooting till we at least get something useable but it can be a challenge..

      • That’s why people hire me (and other real photographers!) Young children ARE hard to photograph. Child photography is my speacialty. It’s def. hard at times but a pro knows how to work with even cranky 2 year olds. My job is 40% technical knowledge/creative eye and 60% child shrink/entertainer/briber/parent-dealer! 🙂

    • Alyssa Adams

      uh yeah..I think another glass of wine is in order haha there is absolutely nothing cute about that pic JustSaying

  4. Susan Hoffman

    Face? is there a face here I’m missing?

  5. You mean the “lack” of baby face, right?

  6. “Sorry ma’am, your baby is too ugly, it might break my lens. Why don’t we just turn his head *this* way…

    • I’m sorry, but taking photos of a toddler and taking pictures of a newborn is veery different. Surely its doesn’t take much skill to get a picture of a newborn’s face!! This could only be the work of a 2 year old. Only explanation for this terrible shot!

  7. That baby looks passed out…

  8. The baby is just planking, that’s all lol. Oh my.

  9. *laughs* Even the kid knows that NO. This is not good. Certainly not “pro” level good.

  10. Could they have not taken the picture from the other direction? You know, with the child’s face actually showing…….

  11. Frank Little

    And they do weddings for 500 bucks!

  12. Oh, look, everyone! My kid has hair! His face is rather unattractive, but his hair is really quite nice.

  13. Sadly, this photo seems to tell a morbid story about a child who was climbing on a ladder, trying to put ornaments on the Christmas tree. He fell off, and this is how his parents found him hours later.

  14. Clearly, the baby doesn’t want to be identified.

  15. Such great stillborn shots. :/

  16. At least they watermarked it so everybody knows who is to blame.

    And to prevent theft.

  17. The baby is just playing along with the planking fad. This is actually quite timely and fresh!

  18. OMG I think I might run out and have my kids Christmas Pictures done with this person clearly they are fantastic. I can see this being a mistake baby putting his/her head down just as the camera goes off but umm why the need to edit this crap???I get it the baby was so embarassed at the thought of his/her picture being posted buy such a joke photographer he/she kid their face. And selective colour at that like really c’mon. I chase my kids and husband all over the house with my camera some pictures are great and some are not….I am NOT A PHOTOGRAPHER but I even I know this is sad photography

  19. I’ve read all the comments and I’m still laughing. The picture is ridiculous regardless of the reasoning behind it. Just ridiculous. If you don’t have a picture of the kid’s FACE, then don’t put him on your Christmas card at all.

  20. The baby is just being hip and taking part in the planking craze. This photo is current and trendy.

  21. lmao @ the watermark… cause this is theftworthy…..

  22. Showin’ them all how to plank!

  23. I’d hide my face too if this fraud were trying to take my picture.

  24. Maybe the kid has a birth defect like a cleft lip or a foot growing out of their forehead?

  25. art_student13

    the spot coloring in this isn’t so bad in this one….one of very few

    it might be the rest of the greeting card that’s making me thing that.

    The watermark is pretty, but takes up too much focus (the watermark should be noticeable, but not take away from the image)

    Finally the big crime.

    Why the hell is his face planted in the blankets? Who the hell pays for that?

    I may not have that much experience in photography other than working in a walmart photo lab and what knowledge from my associate of fine arts degree that photography follows, but I’m pretty sure the composition here is totally wrong for a no face shot…

    payment should not have taken place

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