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Hole in the Pumpkin

I think this is perfect for all of you coming down from yesterday’s sugar high. As an added bonus, if you ate too much candy, this might help…

Baby Pictures

This will be the picture that haunts this kid for life. The one his moms shows to all of his first dates.


  I’m just waiting for the inevitable “that’s kinda cool” comments. No, not really.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! For those of you that weren’t able to visit the pumpkin patch this year, this is almost as good, right?

Blur Tool Abuse

Fauxtogs are everywhere, even on Amazon abusing the blur tool.

He Deserves Better

Dude, the guy puts his life on the line for his country and this is what you do to him? This is why YANP exists. He deserved so…

A Plea for Help

A question we got a lot, how do you tactfully tell someone they shouldn’t go pro? Should you tell them? What if they ask? “Help me You Are…

I Was Almost Fooled Into Thinking They Were Real Mermaids

I know it’s almost Halloween, but that’s no excuse for some horrifying Photoshop work.

Relatives with Nice Cameras

An email to a professional photographer.