Happy Easter

I thought we’d continue with the holiday theme. Unfortunate positioning of the duck, no?

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  1. wow… is the duck giving birth to that baby?!

  2. O-M-G

    Words fail me…

  3. This is wrong. This is a helluvalot of Wrong.


  5. That duck is giving it to that baby.

  6. The child’s expression match the duck’s position!

  7. Inappropriate Bob

    “Sick my Duck!”

  8. bwa ha ha ha naughty duck…

  9. Poor child looks so embarassed….

  10. Uhhhhhh…

  11. Baby duck buttsecks? So wrong …

  12. ithurtswhenipee


  13. That is genius! is it me or does that duck also have just the right expression on its face as it looks down at the back of that baby’s head?!

  14. This is beyond sick!

  15. pedophile ducks…bad…

  16. It appears to be the duck’s first time. he looks very cautious.

  17. Wsroadrunner

    yeah, Pedo-duck strikes again. LOL

  18. Hilarious! Unfortunately I don’t think the fauxtog was trying to be funny.

    The duck’s expression + the baby’s expression are just too twisted for this pose.

  19. You must be thinking “what is he on ?”
    But things are looking up
    I’ve started to believe in living
    My life as a duck

    Charlie Winston

  20. art_student13

    How the hell did the photographer NOT catch this?!

    How did the Parents NOT catch this?!

    are they not aware of how it looks or are they just oblivious

  21. I laughed so hard I cried

  22. Sebastian

    What the (D)uck?! 😉

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