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    railraod pregnancy

    Bump On The Tracks

    At least the subject’s identity is a secret since her face is so blurry!

    Selectively Colored Elf

    Why is his foot emitting that strange orange glow?

    fake grass bump

    Fake Grass Baby Bump

    Oh, how completely natural looking!

    Hanging Out

    Yep, that’s a tiny photo of a tiny baby hanging from a tree.

    Country Wedding

    You probably shouldn’t be pointing those at each other’s faces…



    A furry backdrop… something every serious Fauxtog requires!  

    pumpkin and tires

    Pumpkin And Tires

    Good thing they cut out half of the subject so they could fit those tires in the photo!


    Garbage Bag Mermaid

    Mermaids are so majestic and elegant, there’s no way this photo shoot could go wrong!

    portapotty boudoir

    Porta Potty Boudoir

    Oh fauxtog, don’t you know, a Porta Potty can never be sexy!!!