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Baby Bump Fauxtog

It’s crazy that this fauxtog actually specializes in baby bump photos!

Craigslist Fauxtog

Check out that subtle glow!

Over Edited

Someone enjoys their photo editing a little too much!

So Sauve

This fauxtog is so good, they can even airbrush the hair right off your stomach!

Wrinkled Sheet

We’re not sure what’s worse, the wrinkled sheet, the weird angle or that random bit of wood paneling and wires off to the side…

Alien Baby

What a healthy glow this baby has!

Cell Phone Ghost

So spooky! He’s texting from beyond the grave!

Butt Smile

We are wondering why she is smiling at her own butt… Perhaps because it’s so pink?

Miley Cyrus Bride

Definitely not the most flattering wedding photo!