Miley Cyrus Bride

miley cirus bride

Definitely not the most flattering wedding photo!

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  1. Technically, this is a sound photo. I’m not sure why it’s on this site.

    • And no, I’m not the photographer, nor do I know him/her.

    • Technically, it’s not bad. Now, take this with a grain of salt as I wasn’t there so I have to make some presumptions. Not every wedding is the same. The timing can vary dramatically. I’ve had couple’s first kisses last milliseconds and some minutes. That said, ring exchanges can also take seemingly no time or forever. In all the time it takes for the bride to put the ring on the finger, there is usually plenty of time to take a number of shots. Usually, the photographer (me) chooses the ones that capture the moment and/or make the bride look good. This photo captures a moment that does not flatter. Not knowing the bride, maybe this vomitous expression has special meaning. I would have cut it. Yes, I have had brides grunting trying to put on a ring, grinning and smiling but never “doing the braying donkey”. Again, I don’t know the bride and maybe this is her thing. But you’re asking why this pic is here and that’s it. Poor choice.

      • ScaryHairyHarry

        Rest of the photos in this set are probably just those basic, a million times seen, wedding photos for the boring audience.

  2. Agreed, this may not be a flattering shot, but it also may be a fun memory.

    • bananaslugs

      I hate fauxtography and I appreciate beautiful photography of course, but photography is also good for capturing the wacky and honest moments in life. Not everything has to be so serious and “perfect” all the time. This photo doesn’t belong here.

  3. Looks like the bride was just being silly. Probably had to re-enact the ring ceremony several times.

  4. This should be removed. Its a technically sound photo. It’s just a funny moment thatI’m sure the couple enjoyed.

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