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Zebra Zebra

Maybe a bit heavy on the zebra print…

Glowing Girl

This would look way cooler with more airbrushing and if she was glowing even brighter!

Sunflowers And Bluejeans

You can never go wrong with a little selective coloring!  

Evil Spirit

Occasionally you capture more in a photo than you intend to! Look at the evil spirit this fauxtog managed to photograph!

Pho – Tography

You had to hyphenate your watermark?! Really!?

Butterfly Baby Glass

We’re not sure that a wine glass is the best place for a baby’s face…

Airbrushed Redhead

We can still make out her nose and her face is only bleeding into her hair a little bit! More airbrushing was obviously needed here.

Piano Lady

This probably isn’t what the lady meant when she said she wanted a sexy photo of herself on a piano…

Green Slime

Rolling around in green slime is how you get super powers! Right?!