Baby Bump Fauxtog


It’s crazy that this fauxtog actually specializes in baby bump photos!

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  1. If you wanted a poorly done photo, focused on the most unattractive part of an expecting mother (I refuse to say the B B phrase ) you could probably just go to the bathroom and use your phone.
    The black and white doesn’t make it less attractive, the pose is unappealing, the focus and lighting is bad and why is she naked. This is just simply bad and the colour of the watermark and placement is kind of yucky.
    Just why would you use this as an example of your work?

    • “Just why would you use this as an example of your work?”
      Because this is the best he/she can do and you hope by posting it he/she can encourage other people to shift their cash from their pockets to his/hers. Unfortunately he/she does not realize how much he/she sucks and the only people who will give him/her cash for this are the people who can’t afford real photographers. I love these people who are too lazy to cruise the net for examples of “how it should be done”. For cripes sake, just do a google search for “expectant mom” pics and you’ll see thousands of beautiful shots. Now all you have to do is imitate them. That does require some skill and functioning brain cells though.

  2. jussharp

    It’s a shame since it looks like she has a nice expression. This could have been a nice photo in capable hands.

    • Kinda hard to tell much about that expression because it’s so blurry….for which, in light of how bad this picture is, the mother-to-be probably gives thanks.

  3. Oh my GOD, that is a disgusting sight!!!

  4. Oh dear merciful god.. That is just disgusting.. Almost lost my appetite.. So far for me this takes the cake for the most unappealing.

  5. Rebecca Kyzer

    I thought she was doing a breast self-exam.

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