Cell Phone Ghost

cell phone ghost

So spooky! He’s texting from beyond the grave!

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  1. I don’t think it deserves to be called Fauxtography. It appears that the person is holding a flash to illuminate their face so this leads me to believe that this photo was constructed in camera via a long exposure. It’s technically a difficult shot to pull off. Balancing the exposure on the building versus the flash and having good tone and contrast throughout is not easy. Definitely not by someone who got a camera for Christmas and setup their photography fan page on FB at New Years. I can see someone choosing this location because of the illumination and height and less about the content of the wall. So, maybe the artistic choice is a little odd, but this shot is technically very sound.

    Now, if it were done via Photoshop… yeah, it’d be pretty lame and worth calling Fauxtography.

  2. Agree, while it may not be what you like, this one is actually not bad at all.

  3. there is still a difference between people knowing the limits of their gear and people making shit and calling it a photograph.. I bump on this site and see this one as a third photograph, I believe this site is shit and i feel the need to write it down..

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