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Green Eyed Boy

Oh look, this saturation tool really brings out your “natural” eye color!

That Looks Infected Bridal Photography

Someone get this poor girl some ointment!

Floating Head

We understand the sentiment, but c’mon! This is just horrible.

Sunset Photoshop

Since they’re obviously not looking at a real sunset, what do you think they’re gazing at?

Man Rose

This photo obviously raises a lot of questions, but what we’re wondering most of all is, what is that purple thing across his head?

Autumn Baby

I’d really like a photo of my pumpkin for Thanksgiving! Maybe throw my baby in the background too.

Burning Ballerina

This fauxtog really doesn’t enjoy the ballet.  

So Bright

Brought to you by Eye Scorching Fauxtography…

Mirror Mirror On The Floor

Maybe she should have asked the magic mirror to show her how these photos were going to turn out…