Sunset Photoshop

fake sunset

Since they’re obviously not looking at a real sunset, what do you think they’re gazing at?

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  1. I don’t get it

  2. I actually don’t doubt they are in fact actually in this scene, just bad editing and composition

    • I was thinking the same. Just a matter of poor composition and some editing meant to compensate for the poor lighting (or lack thereof) along with some “aww ain’t that romantic” soft white vignette. I can see how all that makes the shot look oh so fake.

  3. Too bad there is a sign behind his head. Why does the dock have a railing on one side? The dock has a piece protruding into/over the water half way along it, That would be a hazard to boats, so what is it all about? It does make one wonder what they were thinking.

    • “Too bad there is a sign behind his head.”
      Exactly. One of many typical faux mistakes wherein they are too fixated on the subject and don’t see all the crap behind them. I guess it’s just too hard to walk down a few more feet so there is no sign at all. Again, some people wonder why you should pay more money for a real photographer. Enjoy your pic on the wall fella.

  4. Maybe the sign is something really clever, but I just can’t make it out. “no photography allowed.”

  5. You people have no life!

    • Pelham

      Fuck you Joyce. Some photographers actually know what makes a good pic, and charge accordingly. If these people actually paid for this piece of shit, they were royally ripped off.

      And where’s your oh-so-professional pics, bitch? I have hundreds that sell regularly on huge stock sites and bring in very nice royalty cheques, thankya verra much….

      • Whether these people paid for this photo or not is not your business.

        Is it the finest quality photo ever, with meticulous composition, lighting, posing, and editing? No, but if this couple was satisfied with the photo, that’s all that matters, and I’m sure they give no shits about the snobbish opinions of the peanut gallery.

        Having said that, fuck you Pelham!


  6. Even website didn’t get it …
    he got the panel right on his head, first!
    and no need to speak about the crooked horizon nor the very bad white vignette going over the feet and so on, but first the panel right on the face

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