Pumping Iron

pumping iron

Well, this showcases neither the fauxtog’s skill, nor the subjects strength…

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  1. When you have to ask yourself “Wait, DO I even lift?”

  2. ~Heather W~

    “Uh oh, I forgot to use deodorant today!”

  3. Pelham

    Awful pic of a guy with flabby arms.

  4. panoman

    and nobody mentions the black background absorbing his head?

  5. Some dude

    Raking light. This is the one thing that any sports portrait has to show off the athlete’s body. Where does your head need to be not to realize this?

    Of course, that would imply you have strip boxes. And studio lights to put in them. Powerpacks to supply the strobes. A boom and a beauty dish.

    There’s more to this than finding a dark wall.

  6. Oh well, I am sure the photographer didn’t ask for CC of his work, and if he did there’s a tactful and professional way to provide it. But that would involve being an actual professional, of which are in short supply on this site!

  7. What a great shot! I hope it wasn’t a paid shoot!

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