Floating Head

floating head

We understand the sentiment, but c’mon! This is just horrible.

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  1. Antonio

    Yes, is bad photo…bad idea… but this man is dead…

    • Stitchgroover

      Which makes it worse because he couldn’t refuse to be involved.

  2. I prefer posing the couple with an actual framed photo at the reception if they really want this. Usually, there are photos on the receiving table, with the seating arrangement or some such place and I’ll get shots of that. I’m usually up for what the couple wants but I do like to coach them too and I would always recommend that you DON’T do this (and I never have and never will)! The “cool” factor quickly wears off and is replaced with the “creepy” factor.
    Aside from that, it’s not the worst composition I’ve seen but fairly lame. To top it off, we’ve got poles coming out of the bride’s head and a few stuck in dad.

  3. Julia


  4. Many time I defend or excuse a shot, thinking something like, “maybe this wasn’t their best, they just sent it to a client with their watermark in a batch. It was never meant to be widely seen.”
    But the person is actively advertising this! As if it’s quality work that should be duplicated. sigh.

  5. Pelham

    Awful. Just awful.

  6. Zubutsa

    The location on the pedestrian bridge with its leading lines may have looked interesting to the photographer but it just does not work as a wedding photo. The background looks like some austere and mundane Soviet era concrete apartment neighbourhood. The location is about as attractive and romantic as the inside of a cement mixer.

    Then there is that floating head of a deceased relative a masterstroke of kitsch photo editing. Also the sentiment that is written beneath the photo, they used the word always twice in the same sentence. While perhaps not grammatically incorrect it just sounds very lame.

    Hence I would concede that this photo was most likely done by a 12-year-old as part of a school project for art or multimedia class.


  8. Why couldn’t they just hold a nice framed photograph of him rather than this?

  9. Luke, you must go to the Dagobah system…

  10. Dusty Draper

    Floating head looks like an old Conor McGregor.

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