So Bright

bright man

Brought to you by Eye Scorching Fauxtography…

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  1. Did he/she simply blow out the shot and decide it could be recovered by posting it with a “I meant to do that”? Well, either that or it’s just another in a long line of cool effects, meant to set them apart from the pack. Ironically, it wouldn’t have been too bad of a shot if the crop had been tighter, and the pants and shoes not blown to crap, oh, and the foot not lopped off faux style. Oh well. I guess the chapter of the online book where they mention your eye going to the light got skimmed over and not read.

  2. Hides the horizon, instead of leveling, which would remove even more foot.

  3. Astanax

    I saw one cosplay photographer that decided, instead of changing angles, to heavily vignette the photo around the cosplayer with black to “remove” random people in the background.

  4. Contrast and brightness turned RIGHT up!!! Obviously the photographer here liked the pic of the guy, but the background turned out crap, so they had to make it invisible.

  5. Alright, alright… what if the reason it was so contrasted was because there was a watermark on the water/sky in the background?

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