Mirror Mirror On The Floor


Maybe she should have asked the magic mirror to show her how these photos were going to turn out…

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  1. Kenneth

    WTF! Why not photograph them together and put that in the mirror and she appears to be crying lol

  2. Her inner self appears in the mirror…”why oh why did I hire this faux?”. I’m wondering the same thing. I guess there may be some sort of artsy message in this pic but maybe it’s the combination of lighting, props and actually the bare plywood floor/cinderblock combo that’s put me off from caring. Oh, and that angle of the mirror, the floor line would be lower, not higher. Yes I’m weird and get put off by things like that. So sue me.

  3. Yikes!

  4. I’ve gotta admit that compared to what you usually see here, this one’s not half bad! Unfortunately the mirror on the floor, the crappy perspective on the mirror image and the cinderblock wall killed it!

  5. Actually done well, if questionable

  6. ~Heather W~

    Please tell me this is for her divorce album!

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