That Looks Infected Bridal Photography

back rash

Someone get this poor girl some ointment!

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  1. We don’t know the back story so we have no right to comment. Having shot many brides with tattoos and piercings, I’ve had requests vary from “hide it”, “photoshop it out” to “highlight the heck out of it, it’s who I am”. We don’t know if this is a work in progress or a removal in progress and there is nothing the photographer can do about it unless the bride asks for some photoshopping. So, interesting dress and I’m a fan of veils.

    • Thats all well and good but her tattoo is infected. Thats the issue here.

      • It’s shading, FFS. Not even the slightest little bit infected.

  2. I don’t think the tattoo is infected at all, that’s orange shading. A real photographer would never “photoshop” out a tattoo, if the bride didn’t want it in her photos then she should’ve either covered it, had it removed, or never have gotten it in the first place if she doesn’t want it seen. The dress however is offensive…..

  3. Pelham


  4. This site neeeeds to come back with more terrible, cringe-worthy professional photographers (as in, shockingly, people have paid for these images to be taken)!

    It’s the only way I know I’m doing a good enough job!

    Just spent half an hour trawling through the older posts. Hilarious, every single one!

    Please post more. Maybe just one. For Christmas?

  5. More of this please!

  6. Wow, I was wondering what it was for a moment!

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