Autumn Baby

Fall baby

I’d really like a photo of my pumpkin for Thanksgiving! Maybe throw my baby in the background too.

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  1. Yep. I’ve seen this a million times where some faux or even “pro” gets so caught up in their props they forget what the pic is supposed to be about. Personally, I’m pretty old fashioned and believe a baby can be beautiful all on it’s own and not have to be stuffed in a crate with pretty much every gourd imaginable. Even if this is “your thing”, you have to admit this is a pretty poorly done shot. Bet mom loved it. As always, here’s tipping my glass to fauxs everywhere lowering the bar.

    • Inspector Gadget

      Hey Bob, none of us are fooled. We’re all convinced you are the fauxtogapher posting the photos! We love your MO, snarky caption, and then Bob comes in with a sensible critique. Thanks Bob!

  2. Nursultan Tulyakbay

    Also when a sleeping baby is in/on something other than a bed or normal place for a baby to sleep – they look dead.

  3. As if the surfeit of props was not enough, they had to make it blaWhy?ck and white. Why?

  4. Blech. Awful

  5. No one pointed out that it’s blurred and too bright. :\

  6. You people are seriously ridiculous… you cant find anything better to do than run people in the ground. If you were so “professional” then you would be helping beginners instead of discouraging them.

    • ~Heather W~

      These are all photos taken by professional photographers – as in, those being PAID to take good photos. This isn’t beating up a beginner who doesn’t know better; it’s taking to task those who think simply having a dSLR and some photo editing software is all it takes to make it in the high glamour world of photography.

      • It isn’t your job to take anyone to task. If the market thinks this photographer sucks, that will be reflected in their business volume. I’ve known of several newbie photographers who have posted unpaid work in the hopes of getting business. So even if it looks like some of these photogs you guys are nitpicking are charging money, consider the possibility that some of these might be free photos they took for family and friends to get started.

        The ones who are serious will seek out education and will improve, and the ones who aren’t will fade away. I don’t agree with charging money for a service before becoming truly competent, but that is the buyer’s problem, not mine. And let’s face it, it’s just photos. It’s not brain surgery, or expensive home renovation or some other high stakes situation. Lives aren’t hanging in the balance due to technical mistakes.

        This site is not about protecting the uninformed consumer and the photography profession. Please. It is simply a place to bitch and whine about others who you think are inferior to you possibly getting paid, as if there isn’t enough paid work to go around. If they’re so awful as you say, they won’t be a threat to your business. Worry about yourself and what you are doing. Also, consider that not everyone can afford to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on top notch photography and will be grateful for $50 worth of snapshots burned onto a DVD. You people wouldn’t want that the business of that segment of the market ANYWAY.

        Professionals uplift; bullies put down. This site is an embarrassment and all these losers’ comments turn my stomach. It reminds me of being in elementary school and putting up with whiny, childish assholes.

  7. My God… the baby looks dead!!! Is it part of the whole Halloween theme?

  8. Pelham

    Heather and Joyce…fuck you both. If you’re a beginning photog, go learn some skillz first from a working pro, then hang out your shingle as a pro.

    • Chill, buddy – Heather was making the same point you are. Learn reading comprehension “skillz” first before commenting lol

    • Wow Pelham, you are truly immature. I would never hire an ass like you to take photos for me.

  9. This fauxto gave me some ideas, i will try to put a baby in a fry-pan next time …

  10. This looks like it needs a headline:
    “Missing baby found dead in crate”

  11. That baby looks like it’s about to get squashed! (Pun definitely intended-so glad no one else has said this yet.)

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