A furry backdrop… something every serious Fauxtog requires!


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  1. I don’t believe this photograph should be on this site. It is not a perfect photograph and the lighting could be better, but hardly YANAP material.

  2. Bobs Uruncle

    The fur thing is quite horrible, and the lighting is pretty harsh, but it’s the pose that is really not good to me. She’s a pretty woman, and a super nice shape – but the pose is more pornish than erotic. Unless that is what the photog. was going for, there were probably a lot better poses for this lovely model.

  3. Semi-Anonymous Coward

    Not so much porn, and the pose is not sexy either… looks more like she is waiting for a pap smear. The plain/stark lighting lends to this effect.. like hospital lighting. I do agree that she is a very attractive woman.

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