Bump On The Tracks

railraod pregnancy

At least the subject’s identity is a secret since her face is so blurry!

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  1. jeez, that egg timer becomes quite onminous given the number of fatalities in traintrack shoots!

  2. I don’t really get it. She looks quite in advanced stages so why is the timer only just starting? Why is the time more important than the subject’s face? Why is the entire picture tilted? Just why in general?

  3. I hate Fauxtography

    This is just all kinds of awful lol Every single “don’t” has been used here. Im really surprised/disappointed that there’s no selective color though.

    And is that a train actually coming down the track in the background? Good Lord! Makes my stomach turn

    • I agree. Most every “don’t” has been done. It actually ought to win some sort of contest. Just what the heck is it with people and train tracks?!? A very safe and pretty path in a park can substitute for the future. And yes, I’m hoping that’s not a train’s light but just the bright light visible under a distant bridge. Kinda brighter than the rest of the sky though. No other way to say it other than “you gotta be so stupid people?”.

  4. pixeldawg

    You guys… this is artistic symbolism, can’t you tell? With the train light showing in the background, it says “it’s only a matter of time before this entire shoot becomes a train wreck…”. Note too that the subject has been intentionally blurred because she is so Damn embarrassed to be a part of this catastrophic event. Pure symbolism.

  5. Chris Reichelt


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