Hanging Out

what the hanging

Yep, that’s a tiny photo of a tiny baby hanging from a tree.

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  1. Is there a contest out there somewhere that I haven’t heard about? You know the one, where the person who endangers a baby the most wins some sort of prize. I’ve seen them (babies) on rocks, train tracks, teetering on chairs and of course, the ever popular, hanging in a sack from a tree. Really people? A sleeping infant in mom’s or dad’s hands is just too boring now? I wonder what these kids will have to say to mom and dad when they grow up.

  2. It’s a photo I wouldn’t keep even if it was my child. Baby isn’t looking cute, lighting is horrific, Posing it hanging from a tree like this seems pointless and doesn’t show it off to advantage, photo is so small as to be useless. However I don’t think it’s obvious that the baby is in danger, although he doesn’t look very comfortable.

  3. Maybe if the photographer zoomed out even more we could see the trebuchet. 🙂

  4. That is ridiculously dangerous. These wannabes scare the crap out of me with there lack of common sense! Far out! Poor baby. Safety first you dicks!

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