Pumpkin And Tires

pumpkin and tires

Good thing they cut out half of the subject so they could fit those tires in the photo!

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  1. Way beyond pathetic. Obviously the faux thought the garbage was more important than the lady and her pet pumpkin. The faux must have had object fixation and plunked the pumpkin dead center with no regard to the real subject. Unless of course there was a bigger pile of garbage to the left in which case the idiot should have chosen a different spot for her. And people wonder why a true pro will charge real money.

  2. May seem harsh, but it might have been improved if they had painted/dressed the subject all in orange….or put her in a Michelin Man suit.

    • May seem harsh, Dudley, but if that’s your idea of funny you should consider smashing your keyboard over your pointy head and letting other people handle the jokes.

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