Country Wedding

shotguns again

You probably shouldn’t be pointing those at each other’s faces…

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  1. The fact that these two “people who should probably know better but obviously don’t” are playing with deadly weapons on their wedding day (cause I’m sure that’s “their thing”) is not the fault of the photographer. At least I would hope the tog does not have rifles in their prop bag just hoping some wedding couple would love the “shotgun” pic. What is the fault of the tog however is the usual crap lighting (though not a bad exposure for sun I’ll give him/her that), and so on. The real problem is that there is no place to post pics of couples. The togs want to post pics but if you leave this out, the couple may be offended. That’s where pros like myself come in. I post a few pics here and there on fb (cause God knows why but some customers peruse there) but the real online albums go onto a hosting site. That gives the couple privacy and when a shot I’d rather not share cause it was their idea but isn’t what I want to show the world has to be posted, the rest of the world can’t see it. But that costs cash and that’s another thing separating pros from fauxs. Not that I’m making fun of this couple but I do have to question their rationality. Wouldn’t be happening if I was the tog. rant over.

  2. Shotgun wedding?

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