Garbage Bag Mermaid


Mermaids are so majestic and elegant, there’s no way this photo shoot could go wrong!

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  1. I’d guess it was done as a parody. That said, it’s the usual stuff with a lot of effort and poor execution (technically). So, a big “meh” though I do wonder where it came from as there isn’t the usual giant faux watermark or claim to fame.

    • I agree. I don’t think this belongs here. It is clearly a parody funny shot.

      It almost looks like some guy lost a bet. loL

  2. Dang! I want to know the story behind this. It’s hilarious! Somehow I bet beer and betting was involved.

  3. Yup, somebody lost a bet. This photo actually has potential – should receive the People’s Choice Awards.

  4. I’m Old Gregg!

  5. I’m guessing this was done to make a point about ocean pollution, using garbage to make a mermaid. I might be reading too far into this, though. Maybe it was just supposed to be a WTF picture.

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