Porta Potty Boudoir

portapotty boudoir

Oh fauxtog, don’t you know, a Porta Potty can never be sexy!!!

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  1. Simply terrible.

  2. All that time and effort (pre and post (and what a crappy job in post)) for something that truly belongs in the porta. I sure hope this lady didn’t have to pay for this. Again, a shame as her and her mirror would have looked fine anywhere else other than the porta at the job site but the faux handed her a piece of ….

  3. You know…I know the gentleman that took this picture. ..I’m sure you have to know what’s behind the idea of why this is done…lol I guess that’s the saying *art is in the eye of the beholder* you should really check out other work that he has done…He really is good…even if you don’t like the * whole woman series* 🙂

  4. This photograph was a part of a series that was meant to be unusual and get people talking. I enjoyed viewing each and every picture and if people can’t see past the porta potty and see it for what it is than you might want to remove the stick from your a:*:*. It wasnt taken to be sent out as a Christmas card ,I think It was meant to be a liberating experience while the photographer was able to push the limits on traditional photos. In my opinion the model and photographer accomplished exactly what they set out to do.

  5. I have seen other pictures this ‘Photographer’ has taken. They are all the same thing. Naked people holding mirrors. It is really awful, truly bad. It’s not anything. Is it supposed to be edgy? It’s not. Is it supposed to be sexy? That poor woman didn’t have a chance, he put her in a portable toilet. I am sure he is pretending to laugh this off on Facebook, but inside he has to know how truly useless he is. I believe he is part of a larger group of equally talent-less people.

  6. I too have seen other shots from this photographer. A lot of people in his group of friends seems to love his work but I for the life of me cannot figure out why.

  7. fstopper89

    I tried looking up this photographer with no avail, but did find this one instead: http://neringark.com/projects/photography/the-whole-woman/
    ^ These are truly more interesting and very well-done.

    The hack who made the photo in questions seems to have tried to copy the theme/project but in a very poor fashion.

    I don’t care if this was done as some kind of “project,” it is so poorly done and just plain stupid. And a porta-potty? Come on. At least use a setting less embarrassing.

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