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    May 2012 Page 1 of 5

    creeper bunny

    It’s The Creeper Bunny

    Who wants to hunt for Creeper eggs?

    zombie baby eat brains

    The Cutest Zombie

    It’s okay zombie baby, you’re so cute you can definitely chew on my brain!

    another baby in the belly

    Baby Bump X-ray Vision

    Oh baby bump photos, will your photo editing trends just keep getting worse? Perhaps the next one we see like this will even have some selective coloring!

    couldnt be more creepy

    Couldn’t Be More Creepy

    At least she hasn’t figured out selective coloring yet!

    blur dog

    Blur Dog

    That is one blurry one eyed doggy! At least the fauxtog got that tiny part of his leash in focus…

    careful what you photograph

    Bad Humor And Photography Don’t Mix

    trashy fauxtography

    Trash Fauxtography

    Seriously? Forget for a second the fact that you’re taking a picture of garbage, but you couldn’t even get the stationary trash in focus? C’mon fauxtog…


    Odd Combo

    Suggestive pose and skimpy bikini combined with a lovely mother daughter moment? This is either brilliant or disturbing… It’s disturbing.

    cloud baby

    What A Little Angel

    Gotta love those pink tipped wings!