Baby Bump X-ray Vision

Oh baby bump photos, will your photo editing trends just keep getting worse? Perhaps the next one we see like this will even have some selective coloring!

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  1. Amanda

    By “different” does he mean worse? CREEPY!!!!

  2. yep, you definitely are different than the rest of the (real) photographers.

  3. no one special

    I’m confused. Did she take the bump pic first, save it, wait for the baby to be born, then do this? Or, is that just some random baby picture she had laying around that she added to it? Did she go further back in time to conception? Maybe that is why the guy doesn’t have a shirt on.

  4. Crystal


  5. Taylor

    you are definitely different from the photographers, but not so different than the fauxtographers out there who all do this

  6. Peace

    I think all pregnant bellies should come with a see-through window.

    • Janet

      Kind of like a glass-bottom boat–you get to see all the colorful stuff floating around?!

  7. Susan

    I know a lot of people do this and new parents seem to like it. I don’t have as much problem with this little trick than some things. What bothers me about this one is the belly hanging in space against the black background and it’s hard to get a reference as to what you’re actually looking at. If you’re gonna do this, Mom ought to me more than a disembodied hand and belly. (And whatever gave this fauxtog the idea s/he was being “different from the rest,” I hate to break the news but this technique has been repeated many times – just look at the YANAP archives.)

  8. Aubrey

    I don’t mind these kinds of photos with the baby superimposed on the belly when done right. It’s just the awkward look of the daddy and how you can barely even see much of the body of the mommy like Susan said that bothers me. I wouldn’t have paid for this.

  9. Why is his shirt off? Why are so many men shirtless in maternity photos? Why?

  10. Why are dads always shirtless in these baby bump things? Is it some kind of tit for tat thing with the mom??

  11. Although I don’t like it, it is one of the better of the worst I’ve seen,,,,

  12. ithurtswhenipee

    The other thing about this and all the other fauxtogs out there that do these, you must have a camera so fast it can take a picture from the future. Either that or this is just a picture of some random baby that you pasted in there.

  13. Another one of these images? I love showing the connection between couples but when you bring in the overlay thing with the baby it just ruins what could be a tasteful image. I think this image needs to be reworked in regards to composition and lighting, and definitely without baby.

  14. I’m not comforted by her plans to do this more often. My word, an entire website should be dedicated solely to these freaky images. I’ll give her credit that this isn’t the worst. Most of these faux seem dedicated to topping each other. If the viewer can sleep at night, they’ve not done their jobs.

    I love how weirded out this guy looks. That’s a nice touch. Is that even his wife? Or is she just taking random people and babies and glomming them together?

  15. Gal with a camera

    These x-ray baby bumps are just never going to work for me. I haven’t seen one that I’ve liked. Ever.

  16. Why is Jerry the King Lawler listening to that woman’s belly?

  17. Janet

    I’m not a fan of the superimposed bump, but this is technically better executed (if not tastefully) than some I’ve seen.

  18. The father looks like he knows the image is going to be a travesty but he doesn’t want to get yelled at so he’s playing along.

  19. If this would be a real X-Ray the baby would be upside down in most of the cases… They usually come out head first.

    I find a plain pregnant belly nice, why do we need to see a fake baby on it? Creepy…

  20. Why, why, why, WHY does the dad need to be naked?

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