The Cutest Zombie

It’s okay zombie baby, you’re so cute you can definitely chew on my brain!

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  1. Poor baby looks like Dren from Splice

    • ashley

      you should see some of the babies i photograph on a daily basis.

  2. Bat Boy, and not as in baseball…Seriously??

  3. Aubrey

    another picture that has potential…. wasted.

  4. meggy

    Why Why Why? Looks like it could be a really cute baby, so why wreck it?

  5. Rhinda

    Is it eating mince meat?

    • BurninBiomass

      Eating! Oh thank god… I thought that might be coming out.

      • Melissa R.

        Goodness…I’m not sure quite why but your comment had me giggling for more than a minute. 🙂

  6. At least the awesome frame saved the picture.

  7. Sandra

    ergm, i sort of like it. apart from the frame…….its a good lit image. you must have never ever done images of babies or todlers which makes you say that is really bad, or that its wasted. loose the cheeeeesy frame and its good. its hard to get attention from such a small child. u all need to chill out. show off ur portfolios-lets see if we can find there only brilliant/stunning/excellent/breath taking photographs. i bet 99 percent of u have boring images, with no edge, no niche! nothing. so put yourself up here, let us see!

  8. Pelham

    Oh lord, is that poor kid already mouthing down on a chicken mcnugget?! Obesity and heart problems by age 30, here we come!!

  9. NicCole

    I think the texture looks like maybe the baby is chewing on a toy animal or something? I find it interesting that selective coloring (and not zombie-child) made the eyes two different colors. Some cultures deem that a demon-child, others good luck. Hope this kid is from the good luck one.

  10. Swing and a miss guys – this one isn’t that bad compared to others on here… Seriously – Can the baby help it if one eye is green and the other grey? I don’t think so.

    And again – this one doesn’t look like it is on a photography page. Looks more like something mom took and had cards made from.

    • Isabel

      Um, you are the one who swung and missed dude. The different colored eyes aren’t really that big of a deal. Its the strange angle and how close up it is to confuse us about what he is chewing on, which looks like brains. Read the caption!

      • It’s called a toy and teething…

      • David Anderson

        I think the problem is a lack of fill light. The shadowed eye is the same color as the shadow in the upper portion of the right eye. Now, what is in the mouth??? It would be much better without.

  11. In all honesty, apart from the meat shoved in its mouth, this image is rather cute. If the eyes are the intended focus of the image, then they have achieved a pretty cool shot. I am not sure if the tight crop is really a problem for me.

  12. Amanda

    Looks like a face washer or towel in the babies mouth.

  13. Pelham

    I think the odd-coloured eyes are adorable, though the angle’s a little odd and cropped tighter than a tick’s ass, it’s essentially an OK pic. It’s the chunk of crap it’s chewing on that makes me want to barf.

  14. Amber

    Am I the only one who noticed that the reason the eyes look two different colors is because of the way the baby’s head is turned, and where the primary light source is coming from? Really? Babies don’t have flat faces, people.

    On the other hand, the whole picture could have stood to be significantly less omg-super-zoom-and-crop-so-an-infant-looks-like-a-flesh-eating-alien.

  15. Gal with a camera

    It’s actually a pretty good picture. Except for the fact that she’s shoving a UBLO into her mouth.

    UBLO= Unidentified Brain-Like Object. The perfect definition for that… thing.

  16. yo mama

    This site is horrible and You guys are too!! I believe it is against the law to steal people’s pictures!!

  17. tasha

    So I am guessing that most of you do not have children…. Whats in her mouth is a wet wash cloth to help with teething. This could have been taken by the mother and then had the frame added to it. The different color eyes are from whats called a SHADOW from the bridge of the nose. The photo was taken at an awful angle and with very harsh lighting, but definitely not the worst I have seen!

  18. Nicole

    I don’t know why people keep saying ‘It’s not the worst I’ve ever seen”. This site isn’t called the worse photos you have ever seen, it’s called “You are not a photographer”.

    This photo looks like it was intended for some Moms scrap book and should not be a part of a professional portfolio.

  19. @ Karl…LOLOLOL…Bat Boy

  20. name (required)

    Cute kid, but I agree. Scrapbook-worthy, not photography portfolio.

  21. Quick look: ….
    Another look: Wait, what is that in her mouth??!!
    Closer look: Oh she is eating something…thought it was her chewed up tongue.!

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