What A Little Angel

Gotta love those pink tipped wings!

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  1. Oh my … how is it possible to make a baby look awful????

  2. & don’t forget incredibly fake clouds. They are required.

  3. Attack of the killer cool whip. Kid never saw it coming.

    • Isabel

      Lol, that was my first thought…like the clouds/cool whip is swallowing him up.

  4. What’s with the giant marshmallow man toes?? That’s ghastly

  5. Oh my….. Where to begin….
    I guess in the words of Bambi “If you can’t say nothin’ nice don’t say nothin’ at all”…….. :/

    • David Anderson

      That is actually a quote from Thumper’s dad in the movie Bambi.

  6. Capt. Obvious

    The wings are a nice touch, but if I could give some advice, it would be to use selective colouring to really make them “pop”.

  7. Meowcate

    Quick help him, help him, he’s sinking in this bubble bath !

    • Really?

      Obviously, it’s a girl….with the bow and pink wings.

    • Aubrey

      LOL I was thinking this baby was trying to get away from the photo itself… but this works. 🙂

  8. Pelham

    The look of desperation on the kid’s face says it all, much more than all the tacky shite going on around them. Or maybe they’ve just realized that Mommy told the creepy fauxtog it was ok for the to do this.

  9. BelieveMeImAnArtist

    I like how it says “Photography and ART”
    You are not an artist.

  10. LOL, I thought the baby was drowning when I first saw it. My instinct was to go in and save it.

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