Bad Humor And Photography Don’t Mix

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  1. I am saying this as somebody who has tattoos themselves – anybody who had a chest tattoo like that simply looks like a piece of trash. Just looking at her booking photo, the article didn’t surprise me all that much.

    • You know, having tattoos yourself doesn’t make you a good judge of what other people think of them. In this case yes, you’re probably right, though I don’t think she needs the tattoo for that. If you’ve ever seen pics of the Spiderman/Torn skin tattoo etc, you’d realise that done properly, chest tattoos can be good – frankly I find your insulting generalisation typical of the “Tattoo’d people are thugs” brigade.

    • What on Earth do tattoos have to do with the way a person acts? I have tattoos (lots) and my wife and I are raising 6 healthy, intelligent and morally upright children. Quit judging people on their appearance and judge them on their actions.

    • Heather

      You know I’ve heard people say that people with tattoos on their neck are trashy and well I have 14 tattoos on my neck and I couldn’t be farther from it. I also know quite a few musicians I photograph who have tattoos on their chest like that and they are upstanding wonderful, talented, people. I also have 2 tattoos on my chest. Who is anyone to judge another person without first knowing them? And just because of a tattoo. That makes me very sad for the world that people are so small minded to place people in a category because of their tattoos. I got my first tattoo in the 80’s a time when women were not supposed to be tattooed in places that people could see them without being considered a biker slut. I was never that and I live through people looking at me like I was a POS because I had tattoos. It’s messed up that people’s mentality hasn’t changed a bit.

      • FalconGTHO

        Clearly (and sadly) it HAS changed given the voluminous amounts of people who get tatted up. Bottom line is, however, you get what you get. If you dont want to “catch shat” for something dont do it or engage in it, w/e. Simple.

  2. Crystal


  3. Hoobs

    I fail to see any humour in suffocating a baby. Where is the joke?

  4. Art_Student13

    Once again I state that people should have licenses to have children

    • FalconGTHO

      Fabulous. I have been advocating “Parental Licensing” for over 20 years.

      As for this YANAP post, same old shat. Connect tha dotz. Wurd up, muthah fuggah.

  5. Wsroadrunner

    Some joke… what was the punchline? “Send me some crack money or this will happen” ? I hope she gets Big Bertha for a cellie.

  6. Melissa

    Second post in a row from the site that misses the ball.
    I thought this site was about calling out people with cameras who call themslves professionals but suck butt behind the glass. This is another post that doesn’t have anything to do with someon calling themselves a pro. This is just another sad event that can be used as reasoning in support or forced sterilization.
    Clearly this woman is a complete moron.

    • someone

      You know, Off Topic posts do make things interesting sometimes.

  7. Mimi D

    @Kat…she’s trash because of her behavior, not her looks. Stop judging people by what they look like and judge on behavior instead. That’s stereotyping in case you didnt know what you were doing.

    Do you assume everyone with tattoos will abuse their children?

    • azgirl

      @ Mimi D…Um…Getting tattoos IS her behavior – so itis something that people can judge, based on your request above.

      ARGH…I don’t understand how people can say “Ohhh…don’t judge me if I get tats.” That’s like saying “don’t judge me if I walk around with Q-tips up my nose…or a toilet plunger stuck to my forehead..instead I want you to judge me by my “actions” not the oh wait…actions that made me do those weird things”…ummmm those retarded behaviours ARE your actions…all of them.

      So if you don’t like that some people think that people who get tats might have bad judgement…well sorry, but some people think that stinking permanent markings of soon to be ex lovers or other such nonesense, all over your body is not a good idea. Might not be your opinion…and you are CERTAINLY entitled to yours…mark yourselves silly….but then we are also entitled to ours…and well, we will think you look silly….and question your judgement. Period.

      • FalconGTHO

        A mutha fuggin men.

      • FalconGTHO

        Bravo to your follow up posts, AZ. Btw, Im in AZ as well. Too bad theres not a way to engage here offsite.

    • Heather

      And some people cover themselves in artwork because that is what they love. Wow.. getting a tattoo is NOT a behavior.. it is a choice, get it right if you are going to talk shit about it. I am an artist.. should I be looked at any differently because I choose to wear my art instead of hang it on my walls? I don’t have stupid tattoos with people’s names and such.. my tattoos tell the story of my life. The good and the bad. I am very heavily tattooed and my daughter is a tattooist.. does that make her any less of an artist than anyone else because of her medium? You know maybe people should read up on the history of tattoos and find out that in history oh say the 1920’s.. the HIGH CLASS WOMEN were heavily tattooed and usually by their husbands. It was a status symbol. China has been tattooing people for centuries and several primitive tribes also tattooed themselves. So where in all of the history of tattoos does ANYONE get that they are trashy until you reach about the 1950’s? Do your research and learn about what you are bitching about before you try to preach to those of us who can break out of the mold of what society wants us to be. I am me.. tattoos and all.. and no one is going to ever change that.

      • FalconGTHO

        Links to this? Sounds like BS to me. And “high class” is NOT defined by a bank account. I dont care HOW much you make, WHAT degree(s) you have OR what your profession is, if you look like a canal wall in East LA Im going to make an assessment and come to a conclusion. Too fugign bad if you dont like that. As I said previously, you get what you get. You picked it knowing what it results in.

      • azgirl

        Getting a 27 cats is a behavior…and we call them crazy cat ladies. Getting too many twinkies in your mouth is a behavior and we call it obesity. I am not saying that if you want to do this it is not right for you. I am just saying that you cannot call it something that it is not, just because you want to do it, and want others to accept it.
        I also never said your daughter was less of an artist. I don’t even know her.
        I do find it interesting and ironic that YOU just judged peoples name tatoos as “stupid” tatoos above. Other people might think that putting peoples names on their body is artwork or a memorial. So you are judging too, see my point. We ALL judge…we do. That is human nature.So even in your “break the mold” tatoo’d society, there are levels of acceptable tatoos. Some that are considered “artwork” and some that are considered “stupid” Even your “society” judges. Again…we all do. That is also our behavior…as humans. we cannot help it.

        And so if the society we live in, not the Chinese society or the primitive tribal society, but the society of 2012 that you live and work in, says that tats have to be covered to work in a professional work environment, which most do, then that society obviously by and large, judges tatoos to be a behavior that that is not looked upon favorably by most in that society. It could cause people to wonder about other behaviors and judgement skills. Again, not saying that this is right for you…but that is the society you live in, and the society that you will more than likely be judged by, just as you judge name tatoos to be stupid. We all have our boundaries…every one of us.

      • azgirl

        and I agree with Falcon…if you dress like a clown, with a honking nose and big shoes and a curly red wig…I am going to assume you belong at the circus.

        If you have on scrubs and a stethescope and are writing prescriptions, you probably are a doctor, or some kind of medical professional.

        Yes it is a CHOICE that they dress this way, but it is also part of a behavior that makes them do this…it’s part of who they are.

        That’s not being evil…or judgemental…it’s just if it quacks and waddles and has webbed feet…well I call it a duck.

  8. meggy

    I think this is an interesting and sad case of child neglect but it isn’t really relevant to this site.

  9. Yeah…this doesn’t apply at all to the site. :/ Sorry…

  10. It’s Florida,…again! Good lord, this ding-bat piece of crap lives around the corner from me! Shouldn’t stupid idiotic people be disposed of? I’m so tired reading about animals (because she couldn’t possible be classified as a human) every day!!

  11. Where is someone calling themselves a photographer here? Was it in the article and I missed it? Oh – shit – I went to You Are Not A Parent by mistake… Really off your game today folks.

  12. BurninBiomass

    Is she related to the morons who put the baby in the washing machine? The hell is wrong with people.

  13. RoeCocoa

    “User comments are not being accepted on this article.” Can’t imagine why.

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