Blur Dog

That is one blurry one eyed doggy! At least the fauxtog got that tiny part of his leash in focus…

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  1. I’m a fan of the seamless watermark

  2. Dorinda

    At least the watermark is in focus.

  3. “At least the fauxtog got that tiny part of his leash in focus…”

    Where? I’m squinting until I’m cross-eyed and I don’t see it…

  4. Susan

    What is the point of this photo?

  5. BurninBiomass

    “It’s so FLUFFY!!!!!” … and out of focus.

  6. I blame cheap digital cameras and internet art sites that encourage this kind of thing.

  7. Faith S.

    Dang…that watermark is nicer than mine! wahhhh.

  8. Steve

    I think the blur is intentional – otherwise the leash would be blurry, too.

  9. Angela

    I think it’s artsy.

  10. Art_Student13

    the blur tool and some edits doesn’t make it art.
    Pets, even the ones missing body parts, can have stunning, emotive portraits…look up William Wegman’s shots of his dog Manray and you’ll see.

  11. Capt. Obvious

    Normally I hate when a water mark draws my attention to it instead of the image, but I don’t mind so much with this one.

  12. Either that’s real bad photography or old yella needs a vet now!

  13. The face shouldn’t be centered. All that space to the right is wasted. If the leash and part of one ear is sharp, either it was blurred on purpose, or that is one more long fast lens, wide open.

  14. The dogs name is ghost and they did this to reinforce the concept?

  15. I don’t understand the bits of sharp fur….

  16. I don’t get the sharp bits either. It’s as thought the image has been deliberately blurred, but WHY would you do that?

  17. Anyone else notice it looks kinda like he doesnt have an eye on the right hand side there…WTF?

  18. spike

    Maybe it’s like in that Stephen King short story “The Sun Dog” >

  19. What did they do to you doggy????!!!

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