It’s The Creeper Bunny

Who wants to hunt for Creeper eggs?

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  1. Faith S.

    can’t really tell if the rabbit wants the sucker or the kid…hmmm : /

  2. meggy

    Odd – but I’ve seen worse.

  3. James

    Come on, this is awesome.

  4. This person’s idea of cute is tragically skewed.

  5. Gal with a camera

    I can’t get past the wrinkled backdrop and the very fake-looking grass. Eeek.

  6. This looks like an Adult Swim promo.

  7. OMG. That bunny is so creepy.

  8. Andreas

    I can’t possibly be the only one thinking of

  9. colin

    Yep, creepy way to do a kid photo if you ask me. Leaving that aside, if you are going to crop, crop hard or not at all. The slightly chopped off ear and hand on the bunny irk me. As for the wrinkled backdrop and inadequate DOF to take in kid and bunny… well… ::sigh::

  10. Belle

    Have you been raiding the sketchy bunny site?

  11. OMG Its the Donny Darko Bunny!!!!!! He was at Walmart a few years ago! I have a photo of him, even creepier looking then this!

  12. Great. Now i’m frightened of clowns AND the Easter Bunny

  13. this really isnt that bad, come on YANAP, you can do better than this.

    • It’s pretty bad……

    • The only bad thing about this one is the awful bunny costume – the photo itself is actually exposed properly and in focus… which is pretty good considering what I’ve seen on here.

    • Gal with a camera

      Are you really serious?? How can you look at this and, in all honesty, think that it is NOT bad?
      You have some pretty awesome pictures on your site… so surely you can tell that this picture is just NOT good!! Lol.

  14. hhahahaha. it’s kind of funny. I like this picture,not because it’s good photography or artsy or anything.. it’s just friggin funny!

  15. Pedo Bunny Seal of Approval

  16. Is it just me, or does the bunny have a white Hitler mo?

  17. Art_Student13

    …I’ve seen that bunny.
    I think walmart used it one year for the Easter event and well, all of us in the photo center unanimously agreed that it was creepy.
    Never had that many criers in one event

    • There might be a reason that they would not use this costume again… it is not the most kid friendly bunny I’ve seen.

  18. Wsroadrunner

    Why so serious?

  19. spike

    That is one seriously creepy bunny costume…something about that small head and those long arms and legs….eek. Poor kid.

  20. Gal with a camera

    You guys think THIS bunny is creepy??!?

    Then go check out THIS one:


    • That one is creepy, too, but I think this one is more creepy because it doesn’t even try and look like a bunny, shapewise, And the way he is looking at the kid, OMG, you expect to see a bottle of Jack in his hand or something.

    • Love the leg in side of that one… much more creepy than this one… You’d think that they (people doing the bunny costumes would look at them and say “You know – we might want to back off on that one a bit because Bunny doesn’t look warm and fuzzy…”

  21. Wondering if there is a windowless Ice Cream Van parked outside?

  22. That bunny is just freaky…it looks like a freak killer from a horror movie!!

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