Trash Fauxtography

Seriously? Forget for a second the fact that you’re taking a picture of garbage, but you couldn’t even get the stationary trash in focus? C’mon fauxtog…

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  1. Aleyce

    Wow. What would posses someone to post this? Let alone, take the pic in the first place!

  2. Meowcate

    Instagram : everything you shoot is great !

    • Yes, this picture reeks of instagram.

    • Janet

      I know some legitimate, talented photographers who use Instagram to produce beautiful shots. (They also have proven talent using “serious” cameras.) It goes to show you photographic tools are only as good as the person using them.

      • “It’s not the violin, it’s the violinist.”

    • Heather

      As Ansel Adams said.. the most important part of a camera is the 12 inches behind it.

  3. Fabulous. Proof of GIGO.

  4. VDubbs

    This is instagram. How do you know that they were trying to pass this off as a legit professional photo? There needs to be some frame of reference for this to know if it is a true fauxtog.

    • I agree….I have attempted to be a voice of reason on this site at times too but nobody cares….all they want to do is say “This photography sucks” when it was probably something stupid someone sent to a friend as a joke or something else….come on people this is the internet!

      • bren bek

        completely agree… sometimes u see a photo that is terrible.. but then u get things like this and ppl all clamor to post the “wittiest” comment… blah… blah… blah..i used to follow this Site but am thinking its time to move on .. photography is an art… and “art” is in the eye of the artist… granted… u shouldnt be charging good money and deliver interior product but many of these photos may not even be someone’s pro work…. not every photo a professional takes is for their gallery

      • Personally I think it’s all about context. If this image was taken as an artistic project examining a topic associated with trash, then in many respects it’s a good image. I doubt very much the photographer tried to sell this to a client, so therefore it maybe artistic photography as opposed to professional photography. They both have their place.

    • BurninBiomass

      The folks who run the site have said many times they only take images from those claiming to be working photographers.

      • Meowcate

        Absolutely, we only make jokes about all pro-photographers-wannabe, about people who are (or want to be) paid for this kind of job.
        And if nobody asked for a trash picture (pretty sure), it’s still a portfolio pictures. The worse is these people are one reason why it becomes harder to do it for a living. Actually, “cameras are so smart, you don’t need any photography skills”.
        We make fun of theim, because we can’t stop this.

      • VDubbs

        That does not mean that this working photographer is claiming their instagram is a professional photo. The two are not mutually exclusive. I am a professional photographer and post a lot of photos from instagram of my dogs, food, etc, that I’m not trying to claim are “real” photos. Just because someone is a professional photographer does NOT mean that every photo they take is meant to be professional. There are so many hacks out there who take advantage of people, and I support this site calling attention to that. I’ve even sent in a few links that I have yet to see on here. I have a hard time believing this was one of them.

    • Its in the album ‘Photography’??? lol

  5. Aubrey

    Proof of what fauxtogs eat and drink?

  6. Instagram: Download for free, crop and apply filter, attempt to sell for money! Fauxtog heaven…

  7. O_O

    Is this an actual “photographer” or just someone who has a FB album called “Photography.”

  8. Cindy

    Well this is from a Facebook album that says “photography”, so I think whoever took this on instagram is trying to pass it off as art…

  9. It’s art. YOU wouldn’t understand.

  10. What do I think? I think this website could do a lot better putting up funny things and not just saying “oh look somebody photographed trash…they are probably someone who thinks they are professional” Seriously post some funny crap!

  11. Lynne

    Was part of a wedding the past weekend…The photographer was a family friend….she kept calling herself a “moment catcher”. Drove me batty………..well that and the fact that she was drinking along with the wedding party……..

    She had no clue about posing or even being semi creative…………..

  12. Rachel

    Trash shooting trash, how apt!

  13. Looks like ISO 6400, too.

  14. Justin Thomas

    Here is another Faux with a similar photo: .
    It really does not matter what the photo is of, a crappy photo IS a crappy photo from any so called photographer!

  15. BDizzle

    Is that a point-and-shoot in the trash in the top left hand corner?

  16. Hailey

    Just because the FBer has an album titled “Photography” doesn’t necessarily mean they think of themselves as a pro-photographer. This is probably some young person with an instagram who thinks this is edgy like they all do on instagram. This post really misses the boat on what a “fauxtographer” truly is. I’m also surprised this one made the cut with all the horrible portraits that are out there. I’ve even sent about 8 in that have never been posted. I’m starting to think the owners think they are good and won’t post them. Which in return makes me think that they themselves are fauxtographers. 0.0

    • I’m beginning to agree with you Hailey – I’d like to see the “owners” sites… I’ve submitted some ads from CL that haven’t made the cut either. Especially one about a person selling a 5dmkI because they realized they were no good at photography and were getting out of the business.

  17. Don’t you think a “pro” photographer would have a seperate, personal account on facebook where they can show pictures of stupid stuff they take pictures of?

    Why would you want just one facebook account and mix your “pro” and “joke” photographs?

  18. I really hate instagram

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