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    December 2011 Page 1 of 4


    A Look Into the Future

    I predict that in 2012, more babies and moms will be subjected to extreme acts of fauxtography like this. Hope I’m wrong!


    Even the Baby Knows You Are Not a Photographer

    The baby senses his photo is being taken by a fauxtog that will make him look like a zombie, and his expression shows it.



    And the customer is supposed to frame this and put it on the mantel? Seriously?


    The Heart Of It

    I’m so glad the fauxtog added in the heart. I almost felt like this picture was missing something.


    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas! If you’re going to let a baby play with Christmas lights, might as well do it in a piss poor image.


    Santa Hats

    Why do I get the feeling that this is a second shooter. The kid on the left almost looks like he’s looking at someone else. Oh, and those…


    Classy Tattoo

    I want to know about the thought process behind this one. Fauxtog thinks to himself, “I know what will make her look classy, spot color on the tattoo!”


    Horror Flick Baby

    I think this was a still shot from the latest Saw or something. Creeeppppy.

    Are Fauxtogs Endangering Children?

    I’ve seen the kid with Christmas bulb pose a lot that she talks about. “I am a fellow photographer and former fauxtographer. I love your page and have…