Horror Flick Baby

I think this was a still shot from the latest Saw or something. Creeeppppy.

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  1. omg, I actually like this, in a novelty “doesn’t my baby look like Nosferatu” type way. There could be a blog audience for this kind of thing.

  2. Actually, it looks a bit like Gollum.. Just needs a caption: “My Preciousss”

  3. Harsh, direct lighting – and a bad pose with the hands, plus the lack of anything done to the skin – no way would I want this photo of my kid.

  4. Anonymous

    Not again, YANAP. Come on, it’s just another “army mother of two” with a sepia button in her 19,99 edition software. A real fauxtographer would at least put something more disturbing than just the baby’s hands. No one is earning money with this. Or may be…

  5. Why do parents let fauxtogs blast their kids in the eyes with flash or spotlights? Even before seeing the image, that’s a fail.

  6. Aww poor baby…it isn’t his fault his mom is rocking a Rebel…and using bad editing.. 🙁

  7. yes this photo sucks, but is this really a photographer charging someone? How do we know this is legit YANAP?

  8. Gosh , deep down I am hoping they were going for a Dracula picture but in second thought that was most likely not their intentions. Why can’t people put more effort into their work it only takes a little studying.

  9. Is it just me or are those baby’s hand Ginormous!!

  10. i dont understand that this baby is lying or standing??and the photography..it’s preety good and such like a little bit horrible…yaa..bt it’s good lol..and the baby’s hand lool alike a alien hand..and it has 4 finger..nice

  11. Ouch! Harsh light and a terrified bubb… Shocking photo. Please tell me this hasn’t been offered for sale to a client??


  12. To me, this is one of those, “If they wanted it to look creepy on purpose, it’s great, and if they didn’t, it’s awful” pictures. I can see someone purposefully making a “bad” photo…there’s a woman who stages her baby in famous movie scenes, for instance, who copied the iconic image from Blair Witch. But if this was intended as a “nostalgic-looking sepia-toned baby photo,” it is a fail. If someone paid for it, it’s a real fail.

  13. K. Proulx

    If the customer wanted a creepy Halloween photo of their baby, then this wins hands down … If not, well …

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