Santa Hats

Why do I get the feeling that this is a second shooter. The kid on the left almost looks like he’s looking at someone else. Oh, and those hats.

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  1. oh wow. look at the hats on the two right kids. i knew something looked especially fake about this spot coloring. LOOK CLOSELY, it’s the same hat! so the kids weren’t even wearing the stupid things, they were just shooped in later!

    really. i mean really.

  2. that has to be some of the worst photoshopping in existence

  3. This is just so bad on so many levels.

    Have a great Holiday!

  4. The hats weren’t even shot in the same white balance before they were added in post!

  5. Hats were definitely added in post.

    If they had been shot on the kids – then this would only be a spot color fail. But the spot color and the obvious add in post makes this a fail.

  6. omg are you serious?! I have to know how much they charged to do this photo!! What would have been even better is if they had made the Santa hats in rainbow, delish!

  7. Such cute kids, too bad they ruined the photo with those stupid photoshopped hats.

  8. Picnik at it’s finest!

  9. It’s pretty sad because I think this would have been a nice picture if they hadn’t messed it up with those hats.

  10. If this had been a personally taken photo, I’d have shrugged it off. I’ve done some cheesy PSing myself, particularly when I’m in a hurry and don’t need it to win any awards. But this is tagged as being from a studio. Please tell me the parent somehow got hold of the original and did it herself? I can’t fathom an actual photographer taking a nice photo (and it is) and badly PSing it like this. Were they drunk? It’s laughably atrocious. To paraphrase Zoidberg, “Your PSing is bad and you should feel bad!”

  11. Am addendum…I’ve noticed more than one fauxtog using the same font (whose name’s escaping me right now) for their tagline. I’ll give them credit for it not being Comic Sans or Papyrus, but it still looks kind of amateur to me when they all use the same stock font, like they all spent 3 seconds of thought on this. “Yeah, this’ll do. Whatever.” I mean, come on, folks. Try.

  12. Victoria

    The hats are a Picnik app. It’s a Picnik font, too.
    The photo is cute, otherwise!

  13. We gave the fauxtog too much credit, those aren’t even photoshopped, they’re picniked on! Oh god.

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