The Heart Of It

I’m so glad the fauxtog added in the heart. I almost felt like this picture was missing something.

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  1. Hahahahahaaaaa!!! I couldn’t even make fun of this, its just way to funny these people paid for this!

  2. Concept is good – execution fails –

    Learn composition and lighting – then worry about PS’ing in cute things like hearts.

    • What exactly is good about the concept? A hand drawn heart between two people sitting on a bench is a stupid stupid stupid idea. Enough of this gimmicky crap.

      Add to that the blow out sky, bad posing and horrible posterization and you get crap. Both in concept and execution.

  3. Missing something? You mean besides being able to see her face? This is so sad.

    I can’t say too terribly much because my photography isn’t pro quality (not this bad though), but I don’t try to market it or sell it. If you do ever come across the 2 engagement shoots I did, PLEASE don’t post them, lol. I know they’re not pro quality, but one was for my cousin (and she was happy) and one was for a friend (and she was happy), and they didn’t pay for the photos either.

  4. That weird filter on everything makes it look like it was taken with an old pre-megapixel VGA 640×480 digital p&s.

  5. Photo looks like some cheesy 80’s TV special effect.

  6. lol that filter makes the lady look like she has a big moustache hhehe

  7. It IS missing something: LIGHT!
    And, ahhh…the “posterize” effect – isn’t that courtesy of pre-2000’s kodak photo discs?

  8. the heart needs some movement lines or something…

    the background needs less background.

    The faces need more light….

  9. c’mon this is obviously done with a camera phone and onboard editing… I don’t believe someone did this claiming to have a business… it sucks too bad for that… on the flip side though I’d love to know what the setup was any hope of posting the EXIF data?

  10. Ooh ooh, I know what it’s missing….. fake sun flare!

  11. I remember the first time I found that filter in Photoshop, too. Later, I realized that it’s really not that brilliant and certainly shouldn’t be used on your average picture, like this one. It impresses no one, I’m afraid. Everyone sees this and instead of thinking, “Wow, what a neat photo and neat effect,” they think, “Yeah, duh, I have that on my computer/phone, too. Way to use it stupidly.” And the heart… Well, I assume this was homemade, anyway, so no loss.

  12. Not a photographer. . . but (other than I can’t see her face but can see her shoes in great detail) it bothers me that the picture isn’t straight. The straight lines of the partial roof of the structure and the straight line of the bench really make it appear she is “uphill” and he is “downhill”.

  13. K. Proulx

    Her reaction is one of “go away, dirty old man” … he looks old enough to be her grandfather …

  14. Forget the picture, I LOL’ed at the caption.

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