And the customer is supposed to frame this and put it on the mantel? Seriously?

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  1. Oh wowwww. thank goodness my mom didn[t require my baby pics be hidden or go up in flames. How in the world do people actually PAY for this! I’d go to Sears 0r Olin Mills instead of this! Which I hate bland photo shoots, but this one is just painful

  2. Umm….. !!!!! Sorry, I just have no words! This is awful!!!

  3. Anonymous

    looks like someone just took a picture of a picture with their pop-up flash

  4. Did they use a bad camera phone? I have seen better pics taken with a 126 insta-matic…

  5. I find myself with an unquenchable thirst to find who shot this so I can go see their page and look at all of their fantastically bad shots. Why do I want more of this?? But I do. Oh, I do…

  6. OMG….

  7. Wow… I don’t even know where to start… I can usually have some good pointers but this is beyond tips. Sorry. This does evoke some anger. Fuaxtographers..Don’t charge for this stuff! Period.

  8. That’s not a bad shot of that bottom leaf in the left-hand corner. Not the subject? Oh. Well then damn…

  9. Also, can anyone tell me what that rainbow thing coming out of the kid’s head is?

  10. This has got to be a joke, right? No one would pay for this, much less put it out there as an example of their “best” work, would they? Come on, now seriously…

    Please tell us who this clown is so we can all laugh at them…

  11. Did they take a bad picture, print it with an inkjet, dump some leaves on it, and then take a picture of that?

  12. Oh my gosh! I think thats exactly what they did. Seriously! Look at the leaves. I didn’t notice this before, but they are not a part of the original photo. The depth is wrong. WOW.

  13. Shiznit1984

    If you look carefully at the background on the lower left hand side, you can see the baby is sitting on a camouflage blanket of some sort, with a rainbow-looking boppy thing behind him. It looks like they took that and then morphed that with some leaves and a fence. This is so reminiscent of the 110 photos that my parents used to take of me in the mid-1980’s, combined with about 20 years of sitting in a photo album.

  14. um….besides all the obvious reasons this is a bad photo, what’s “photograpby”?

    • Actually – it’s “Pbotograpby” – and it is either what this is or a really bad, bad choice of fonts…

      Given that they can’t take a photo, I’d say they are inventing a new art form – Pbotograpby.

  15. This kinda reminds me of when it is a hot day, and you take the camera out of the air conditioned car. Fogged lens.

  16. Great camo.

  17. Ouch, there was potential here. Wasted.

  18. My shitty 3mp phone camera takes better pictures than this! 😮

  19. Sucks for that kid!! I hope nobody paid for this!

  20. Now theres a Kodak moment,,,lol

  21. the lens is fogged, it happens when you take your camera from a cold place to a warmer one, the heat difference causes condensation to collect on the lens. weird, considering this was taken outside, so the photographer must have been somewhere even colder seconds before… a walk in freezer or the like.

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