A Look Into the Future

I predict that in 2012, more babies and moms will be subjected to extreme acts of fauxtography like this. Hope I’m wrong!

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  1. A photographer

    It looks like an alien is about to bust out of there.

    • grateful mom

      Yeah, an alien made out of shit!
      Stargazer says, “TP, the extra-terrestrial.”

  2. Is that her intestines?

  3. There is so much going on in this picture that I don’t even know where to look.

  4. EW EW EW EW EW EW EWWWWWW! seriously that is creepy as

  5. Oh come on! I just ate … could have warned me.

  6. Ugh. I get that some clients have no taste and for some reason want their 4d scan images to be photoshopped into their pregnant gut pictures. I don’t get why the photographer would have it anywhere near their website/ portfolio. The photo itself is certainly not the worst we’ve seen posted here. But the cliched pose with the hand heart and the obviously hideous scan image stuck in there. Wahhh. it’s just ugh.

  7. wow, this is a preview for the next alien flick right?

  8. LOL, every time I see your post on facebook I rush over here to view the next monstrosity! Hope you all have a great New Year!

  9. Anonymous

    Is that a penis in the top right of the hand heart space?

  10. If only she was wearing a few more rings it would all be ok. And more half-way-up the finger rings too – those really help when changing diapers.

    • I’m not sure which is worse, all the rings, or those awful fingernails! Blech.

  11. The thing is never tell a customer no but make the price so ridiculously high that they just walk away, hey you didn’t tell them no. I would’ve charged them about $3000 an hour.

  12. Susan Hoffman

    Why the yellow color?

    • That’s the coloring of the 4d scan – not sure why they do them in colors like that…

      if it weren’t for the 4d scan – this would almost be acceptable. – I’d fix the crop a bit… but focus is good and the exposure is good.

  13. I’d like to know who’s hands are underneath the woman’s… Where the hell did they come from??

    • It’s the baby dady’s hands….havn’t you ever seen a pic like this?

  14. Looks like there’s a vomit in there….

  15. Wsroadrunner

    Great advertisement for birth control… use our product or your guts will fall out.

  16. Is it just me, or does the top part look like they added a horrible blur while processing?

  17. I don’t know if I’m more horrified by the 4d scan on the belly or the horrendous nails and tacky 20 rings!

    • It really sucks that this website is about bad photography and you’re bashing what the couple chose to wear …nobody forced her to wear 20 rings….photography is about the client not just “looking good” as a photographer.

      • I agree that nobody forced the subject to wear all those rings, but surely the photographer should have perhaps told her that her nails look like she’s got dirt caked underneath them and that maybe that wasn’t the desired look.

      • Victoria

        But what if the mom-to-be always wears those rings and those nails? If the photographer/fauxtographer had asked her to remove them, maybe the photo would have looked more “classy” in some people’s opinion, but it would no longer be representative of her and her unique personality and style. Isn’t that the whole point of portrait photography?

        I feel the same way about stretchmarks. If the client wants me to remove them, I have no problem with doing that, but otherwise, IT’S LIFE. A lot of women don’t mind them because they see them almost like achievements.

        The added-in blur in this pic is pretty bad, but the exposure is good, IMO.

      • What REALLY sucks, though, are those fingernails. Admit it.

      • I was thinking the same thing later! And yeah, I can bash all I want when you can’t see a face!

  18. Annoyed

    It’s just so wrong. The crop is horrible, the fake blur blows and WTF with leaving all the stretch marks.

  19. I was checking out the page, got to this post and my 2 yo daughter happened to walk by and scream, “Ewww!” I am raising her right!

  20. If they spent on a photographer what they spent on tacky rings, they would have gotten a little better one! Nothing is more tacky to me then a ton of rings!

  21. There is potential for an interesting shot here. Unfortunatly this photographer does not know how to do it.

  22. I am not a photographer, but my word, this thing creeped me out. At first, with the weird blur effect, I wasn’t sure what it was even supposed to be. Things just went downhill when I realized the thing in the middle, which doesn’t look like a baby but more of a strange yellow granite, is an ultrasound. This thing horrifies me. I guess the only credit I’ll give is that they use their hands to frame it so it doesn’t look like someone cut a hole in her. So, um, kudos on the framing?

  23. Looks like a bit of skin cancer they caught in that pic!

  24. K. Proulx

    This is … horrific. The image of the baby looks like something from Dawn of the Dead … Just plain creepy. And the lovely (ahem) fingernails of the female (nevermind the overload of rings) just screams “trailer trash” …

  25. Very creepy. People have the worst ideas.

  26. Now you made me wanna do this http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/421925_10151225772060641_535900640_22596289_440038606_n.jpg I am totally going to go take a joke photo now with this on my own belly 😛

  27. ~Heather W~

    What freaks me out most is that – if I’m seeing the Ultrasound image correctly – we’re looking at the face of the baby: I see the eyes, I see the nose, and I see the parents smothering it slowly with their left hands.

    (FWIW, her nails aren’t dirty – she has a bluish/silverish French Manicure thing going on – if you look at the thumbs, it’s a bit more obvious.)

  28. This is terrifying!

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