Even the Baby Knows You Are Not a Photographer

The baby senses his photo is being taken by a fauxtog that will make him look like a zombie, and his expression shows it.

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  1. someone paid money for that $#!+????

    • I can’t believe someone would pay for that. they’d awful. this has got to be a snap shot a parent took.

  2. Wow, now why in the hell did they make it look green?

  3. LOL! Yeah how did they make it look so green, and…. why? *shakes head*

    • Gabrielle

      Picnik.com … Free editing website I use personally (to play with my own photos). And they would have tinted the photo or something, because you can choose the color. So like sepia but in pink or something 🙂

  4. Steven Webb

    Uncle Fester (Jackie Coogin) is reborn. Lovely memory of those special years. Seems by the color and the expression to be snapped just before the up chuck that makes babies of this age so lovable.

  5. Was this taken with a phone?

  6. Instagram photog!

  7. This is definite proof of live on Mars… I mean, lets’s face it: it’s a Little Green Man…

  8. Andreas Steen

    Mmmmm, I just love me some fake cross processing and aging, it just adds class!

  9. That baby is thinking: “Hm…What are you doing?!”

  10. Wrong focal length, shot up the nose, no sense of composition, harsh on camera flash, no real editing, weird color, all that is missing is some bad blur added in post and selective desat.

  11. Susan Hoffman

    I think the baby looks like he is about to explode. Or worse.

    • I was just thinking that the kid looked like he/she was about to projectile vomit. Horrible photo!!

  12. I was just thinking that the kid looked like it was about to projectile vomit. Horrible photo!

  13. *Sorry for the double post. I was just so bothered by the photo, my brain shut down.

  14. What the hell is this,why green,why?.I have someone on my fb page and they love to do this kind of thing.Also the do that stunning bnw with glowing blue eyes and rosy cheeks thing.She really know how to use picnik well,so much so that ive quoted this from her fb page.She uses picassa and picnik to edit her photos,so i was almost speechless when i saw this staus of hers on fb.So not only does she think that she has amazing skills on picnik,but also charges for her skills too,some people should be f**king ashamed of themselves.

    Did you take some nice photos last year but think ‘could they be better’? For £25 I will edit and improve up to 10 of your photos. Just e mail them to me at

  15. Stargazer

    mad skillz, yo!

  16. Natalie Tonkins

    The image is green due to the fact it was shot by a person without the basic clue about photography and the effects artificial lighting has on an image…. like household light bulbs… oops!

  17. You know, I can see merit in having a “bad” picture–a bad expression and weird coloring. Lord knows most baby pictures are way too ultra-cute, and babies aren’t always like that. But paying money seems odd.

  18. photolover

    it looks like they used stupid picnik, and used that crappy “cross – process” effect…. I see this crap all the time all over the internet!!!!!!!!! Im seeing blue ? …….

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