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Pipecleaner Head

Someone got a little carried away at craft time…

Hands on Bump

This one obviously needed a bigger watermark, you can still make out the bump!

Plaid Bump

We’re not sure if it’s her gazing slightly off camera or perhaps how she’s sitting, but this one makes us feel very… awkward…

Kissy Face

If you’re photographing the bride and groom in a kissy pose, you may want to give your poor subjects some guidance so they don’t end up looking like…

Watermark Mouth

We’d cry if we were covered in that many watermarks too!

Blue Butt

Selective butt coloring, that’s a new low!


Okay, we get that she’s supposed to be the “bait” but what is this guy trying to catch!?

Big Hands, Little Couple

Come on Fauxtog! It’s their 30th wedding anniversary! Don’t stop at only three poorly blended photos, you might as well get a whole 30 of them in there!


At least she was kind of smiling when her head was removed from her body!