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Autumn Baby

I’d really like a photo of my pumpkin for Thanksgiving! Maybe throw my baby in the background too.

Burning Ballerina

This fauxtog really doesn’t enjoy the ballet.  

So Bright

Brought to you by Eye Scorching Fauxtography…

Mirror Mirror On The Floor

Maybe she should have asked the magic mirror to show her how these photos were going to turn out…


Prego Spaghetti Sauce… Because how else are you going to tell your friends and family that you’re having a child?

Sad Party

Happy birthday?


F.A.C.E : Featureless Ageless Careless Edit

Romantic Barbed Wire

Now for your engagement shoot, I’m thinking we’ll just make you blurry blobs in the background and what I really want to focus on is the barbed wire…

Valentines Roses

“Anybody want to play in a big pile of roses for Valentines?” … I don’t actually have any roses, but I can do a really bad Photoshop job…